A Rampant Hunger - James   Cox 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Sam is a scientist with a crush, being a nerdy scientist doesn’t get him attention on a spaceship searching for new world to call home. Kael is a Colonel leading the expedition and it’s his job to find a safe planet, but the first one they come across isn’t as safe as they first thought. Tavish is the Chief Medical Doctor going with them in case of injury and when Kael is bit by a dangerous creature he has to try to figure out just what is going on.

Holy cow, this is a perfect blend of sci-fi and erotica that will please both nerds and sex seekers. Sam has only had his hand for company for the last five months and he has been secretly panting after the expedition leader Kael, now he is chosen to go to the new planet’s surface along with all the muscle bound hunks. Accidently catching Kael and Tavish in a compromising position, it is a vision that he plans to put in his spank bank, Sam thinks his chances with Kael are shot until a night under the blankets changes his mind. The unexpected danger nearly takes Kael from Sam, but Sam’s utter determination gets them back to the ship…. Only to discover disaster and come to the rescue of Tavish. Now they have five months before they get back to Earth with a mutated Kael who has A Rampant Hunger that Sam and Tavish have to feed.

This is a brilliant sexual fix that really gets the juices flowing, the blood burning and gives your inner geek a high. Three characters who mesh perfectly together, doing what they have to, to survive *snigger*. This story has a great storyline, the Earth is dying and humans are seeking a new world, the expedition lands on a compatible world and inadvertently unleashes death. One survivor is bitten and is changing and the two others have to feed his hunger, and they love every minute of it! James Cox has done it again with his highly charged erotic writing, giving us an entertaining story while overdosing us on pure sex and giving us men who just love to fall in love.

If you are in the market for science fiction that’s got a dash of danger, a hankering for some scorching hot sex, and a yearning for three men falling in love, then this is the book you want to read.