Faraway - Piper Whitney 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Sleep, Beauty, Glass, Snow are the titles of the 4 fairy-tale’s that have been re-written with a unique modern day twist. In Sleep we have Prince Tristen cursed to sleep for a hundred years until his true love (Jae, a photographer/journalist in a sports car) re-awakens him and his kingdom. In Beauty we find Finn who loves to cook, traded to a beast for his father’s life who discovers the heart beneath the beast, Prince Samuel. In Glass we have Payne who is sick of being treated like a slave and wishes for a better life and meets his very own prince, Hayden. In Snow we have Mason who loves to snowboard, his step-mother tries to be rid of him and Mason discovers seven snowboarders and one of them is his knight in shining armour.

Each story we read gives us a unique modern twist, each story is changed slightly to fit more into modern times but sticks to the fairy-tale love. With Sleep it begins in the traditional setting with the birth of the much longed for child and the curse that was uttered at his birth celebration, fast forward and we have Jae who is sent to discover the truth about a sleeping kingdom. It’s a very sweet story, although you have to question the stupidity of someone trusting a stranger who promises to make you ‘feel good’. The sweetness of the story comes from Jae and Prince Tristen getting to know each other before getting their happily ever after.

In Beauty it really stays with the traditional story with the generous youngest sibling Finn, the more selfish older brothers and sisters and the slightly bumbling father, and the horrific beast. So not much to add to it other than it was sweet.

In Glass we have a thoroughly modern update including mouthy fairy godfather, foul mouthed Cinderfella, Payne, hunky Prince Hayden and very selfish step-mother and step-sisters. Very fast moving storyline in this one with Payne and Hayden discovering an instant attraction and connection.

In Snow the story is twisted with Mason’s prince charming being one of the snowboarders, the evil step-mother not giving a damn about anything but herself and Mason’s father, James, just wanting the pair of them to get along. It’s a good story that has its bones in the original but swerves away from the original enough to give it a fresh twist.

Each story has sweet lovemaking in it, happy endings and perfect couples, so this is one you want to read if you want modern twists to your fairy-tales but some originality laced through them, with loads of hot men and sigh worthy endings.