Down Under - Tam Ames 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Australia has been split in two since 2050 with the East shutting itself off from the West when someone accidentally caused a nuclear explosion. Aiden is looking forward to the Men At Work comeback concert and sets off from Perth for Sydney, it’s a long journey by himself on his moped but he desperately wants to see the group. Unfortunately his moped is stolen along with his money and his prized ticket. Aiden then he meets a naked man, Matthew, who turns into his shining knight who offers him a ride to Sydney. When Aiden is attacked again Matthew comes to his rescue and Aiden discovers the myth about were-kanga’s is true, both men have secrets that they hide and it gives them a lot to talk about when they are held up at the border. They become close but Aiden’s time in Sydney is limited, could they have something more than just a summer romance?

This is a great story that was surprisingly funny and sweet in equal measure. Aiden is a brilliant character who has an unhealthy obsession with murderous Tasmanian devils, his inner monologue is hilarious and is even funnier when it slips out of his mouth. Matthew is kind and generous and is the perfect foil to Aiden’s slightly manic mind, they fit together from the start and make a great couple especially when Aiden stops panicking. The shifter aspect isn’t really that much of a big deal and neither is Aiden’s mutation, it’s more a story of two men who meet on the road and hit it off, shacking up together and falling in love but then one has to leave to return to his life and they decide what to do for the future.

The story is an easy fun read that has the twist of Matthew being in the closet and his dad trying to fit him up with a woman, rather than being angsty it is just a bit tense with some great reactions from Aiden that has you smiling quite often. There is some great sex and Matthew and Aiden certainly make the most of it. What I loved most about this story was that although they quickly jumped into bed together they spent plenty of time getting to know each other before saying ‘I Love You’ and Matthew also had a great explanation for his initial feeling for Aiden.

I recommend this if you want a different kind of shifter, if you want a humorous light read, if you want guys falling in love and finding their happy ever after, this is definitely a story that you should give a chance.