Worlds Collide (Sanctuary #7) - R.J. Scott 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and must be read in order Dale has the task of seeing Emily Bullen to Albany safely after she turned states evidence against her husband, it is supposed to be an easy run but no one took into account Griffin Ryland’s plan to keep his secrets hidden. Joseph is attending his best friend’s wedding in Albany looking forward to the following weeks when he will be spending time with his lover Dale, but a frantic call in the middle of the night has him jumping to action with his Seal teammates. Neither men has really bared their hearts, and if they get out of the airport alive they will have two weeks of uninterrupted bliss to decide if they have a possibility at forever.

Oh my god, whoop, we see Dale and Joseph again as they reassess their long distance relationship and get a grip on the loose ends of the Bullen’s case. We saw Dale and Joseph meet and begin to fall in love during [b:The Only Easy Day|16244888|The Only Easy Day (a Sanctuary Story)|R.J. Scott||18664789] and now we revisit them as they plan to meet up for two weeks of uninterrupted them time, to add excitement we connect with them just days before when Dale is escorting Emily to a safe house and Joseph is attending a teammates wedding. Both their worlds collide when Sanctuary needs the SEALs back-up when a rogue FBI agent decides to silence Emily Bullen permanently and Sanctuary agents are all snowed in.

I loved this story because not only do we have the excitement of thwarting Griffin in his desperate attempts but we also have Dale and Joseph coming to terms with their relationship, how they feel for each other and what they should do in the future. Dale and Joseph’s long distance romance hasn’t been easy for either of them, their schedules clash a lot and plans made were broken, so they have only seen each other briefly since they first got together. They both know what they feel for the other and when they meet for their two week vacation they both plan on telling the other exactly what they feel.

Ahhhh these guys are so romantic in their own macho way and they are surprising sweet together. Joseph has a lot of thinking to do about his future, not just about his relationship but also what he wants to do in his work life. Dale is just happy to have whatever time he can have with his sexy SEAL, especially if it involves him naked. These guys still have that explosive spark and they are still macho men, what they feel for each other is clear to see in their actions and thoughts and I can finally sigh in relief as they get their happy ever after.

I have to recommend this to those who love alpha men, facing the future, accepting and receiving deep love, bombs, hostage situations, getting the bad guy and a very satisfying happy ending.