Another Secret - Stevie Woods 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Leland is struggling with his guilt over a long ago incident and has finally decided to confess everything to his best friend Drew, but on his way to Drew’s in the early hours of the morning he comes across a sight that scares and shocks him. Gathering his courage he decides to confront Drew and learns all about Drew’s secret, but he still has to confess his own secret but it isn’t the only one that comes out.

This is quite a good shifter story that is pretty basic but many secrets are revealed and true love is found. Leland and Drew have been friends for many years, they experimented together and have shared everything together but Leland has a secret and the time has come for his to confess all to Drew. Drew has a secret of his own which Leland discovers by mistake, Drew thinks his secret will drive Leland away but he forgot how stubborn his friend can be.

I enjoyed this story for its simple shifter aspect and for the relationship between the two main characters. Drew and Leland are great friends and both of them have secrets that could destroy that friendship, revealing their secrets to each other shows them both that their friendship and love for each other is very strong. Things aren’t easy as they bare their souls and a figure from Drew’s past tries to destroy what they have found. The shifter storyline is very bare bones, no pack, no instructions, just being bitten and left to fend for yourself and a feeling of vengeance wanted on the one who turned you. Drew and Leland both have a huge well of understanding, forgiveness and love.

I recommend this if you want a basic shifter story, forgiveness, hidden love, hot sex, a touch of danger, vengeance sought and a happy ending when the secrets are revealed.