Bound by Pleasure - Anitra Lynn McLeod 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Hunter is scared to death when he receives a letter telling him he has been chosen in the alien lottery, nobody ever knows what happens to the young men who are picked and they are never heard of again. Kian has a terminal illness and his father has bought a human in an effort to cure him, Kian doesn’t believe that anything will ever give him relief from the tormenting pain but finds that with the human, Hunter, it is much more manageable with their sexual encounters. But, Kian’s father expects a full recovery and if he doesn’t get one Hunter will be sold.

This is a great new series that has an alien race coming to the rescue of humans and getting young men as payment. Everyone male knows what a plain white envelope with their name, address and social security number on means, it means you have been chosen in the lottery by the Eoeans and that your life as you know it has ended. Hunter receives his and wonders what he is about to face, but the reality of a metal encased alien never crossed his mind. Kian has suffered for years and Hunter gives him some semblance of peace, their connection as they fall in love is getting stronger and the mythical soul bond just might be true.

This is a very original new science fiction series where the human race was rescued from a deadly disease by an alien race who want human men as payment. Hunter is a very feisty submissive who goes from fear to arousal when he first meets his owner, Kian, he finds himself attracted to the stronger alien and wants nothing more than to submit to him, but he doesn’t understand what Kian really expects from him when Kian says he has failed. Kian has been promised a human will be able to cure him and is deeply disappointed when it doesn’t happen, he is even more surprised when he learns the human, Hunter, has no clue that he was promised as a cure. It doesn’t stop the two males from getting into a D/s relationship and falling in love and when the two are ripped apart it is discovered that the soul-bond myth is the truth.

The relationship between these two males’ progresses quickly after they both put their cards on the table, they develop a beautiful D/s relationship which is juicily kinky. Hunter and Kian fall in love but they both hold back a bit until they are nearly lost to each other. This is a great light hearted story that has a great storyline and some hot kinky sex, the characters are great with each one suiting his role perfectly and they have hot kinky sex. We get a great background story on both Hunter and Kian… oh did I mention they have hot kinky sex?

I recommend this to those that love kinky science fiction, hot kinky sex, a great storyline and a very happy ending after just a touch of angst.