Healing Minds - M.D. Grimm 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and can be read as a standalone but is best read in order. Josh has always wanted to be an agent but he is stuck as an aide in the Agency’s New Mexico substation, he spends his days talking to the wolf shifter, who was captured a year ago, but never getting any response. Josh is left alone and just making a breakthrough with the wolf when the Knights attack to retrieve their property, Josh won’t let them get the wolf without a fight. Xavier doesn’t remember much and he wants to know everything that has happened to him, and whose voice is urging him to kill? Josh is Xavier’s lifeline, his voice drowns out the other voices urgings, so when the Knights attack Xavier protects the only one who can help him. Xavier and Josh come to an agreement, for one month Josh will help Xavier to try to overcome the voice before he calls the Agency.

This is a great addition to The Shifter series. Josh wants to be an agent more than anything else, when he develops a connection with the wolf shifter Xavier he jumps at the chance to help him and to further his own chances with the Agency. Xavier just wants to know what was done to him and to stop the voice in his head, Josh is the only thing that stops the urges and now Xavier needs Josh’s help and forces Josh to come with him. Xavier wants more from Josh than just his help he wants his body as well, but Josh can’t be involved with a shifter not if he wants to be an agent no matter how much he might want the sexy shifter.

I really enjoyed this story and how it progressed, Xavier trust in Josh being built over time and Xavier’s reliance on Josh to keep him calm, but Josh’s determination that Xavier can be coaxed as he becomes uncontrollable and his trust that Xavier won’t hurt him. Josh is caught in the middle though when it comes to what he wants, the Agency took him in and has given him a sort of family and he wants nothing more than to become an agent. But, Josh is drawn to Xavier and the Agency has strict rules concerning interaction with shifters, if he gives into his attraction to Xavier he will lose the Agency, so we see his struggle as he weighs up want he truly desires. With Xavier you see his soul-searing pain as he remembers what was done to him and what he was forced to do, his guilt is palpable and you can feel his need for revenge and it is only his love for Josh that stops him.

I found this story to be enjoyable and we see characters from previous books, it was nice to see them again and they did add a bit to the story. We get some great action and danger as the Knights are determined to get Xavier back, and Josh’s and Xavier’s love is truly tested when the owner of the voice tracks them down. I am beginning to get a healthy dislike for the Agency because of what it expects from its workers, during this story I got the feeling that their purpose was more to thwart the Knights than any true desire to help shifters.

I recommend this to those who love shifters with problems, danger, trust, love, choosing the right path, hot sex and a happy ending.