On Tinsel Wings - Augusta Li 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Patrick sees hope as something that is beautiful and magical, something he hasn’t had much of in his life but it is something that seems to be just around the corner. Patrick works at the Allegaheny Mountains Renaissance Faire a place where he feels at home, as he starts to discover himself he meets Yu and begins to have more hope for the future. Yu has never been able to hold on to a relationship when he meets Patrick he has doubts but quickly falls for the younger man, but his insecurities about relationships begin to drive them apart. Patrick realises quickly that although he has hope he still has to try hard to make it work, as he deals with his sexuality, his place in the world, his father and a stalker Patrick finds the strength to move forward with his life, but Yu doesn’t know if he has the strength to join him.

This is a wonderful coming out, finding yourself story of a young man who finally begins to embrace his life. Patrick is nineteen he still lives with his father and is quite with no real friends, one day when he is alone at the Renaissance Faire he does something which he has longed to do and it marks a new direction in his life especially when he is caught. Making new friends has him embracing a new life and also has him finally admitting his sexuality, it also has him being more outgoing and he finally gets a date. Yu is happy working with metal and forging weapons, he keeps himself walled off from people but Patrick manages to creep into his heart, but Yu has always been let down in his relationships and finds it hard to hope that Patrick will really stick around.

I loved this story and the assortment of characters that we find, not only at the Renaissance Faire but on the Drag circuit as well. The way that they all are families and the family that love and support Patrick as he comes out of his shell and finds himself, they are not judgemental and accept all aspects about him. Patrick’s home life is dull and dismal, his father is a drunk and his mother has moved on with a new family, we get everything about Patrick and you root for him as he forges forward to make a life for himself. Yu is harder to get to know as he is very closed off about his past and you only get bits and pieces about his life, but at one stage you want to slap some sense into him as he holds back with Patrick.

The entire settings for this book are descriptive and pull you into the world of the Renaissance Faire and the Drag Queen world, making it come alive and imagine you are there. The relationship between Patrick and Yu is awkward at first but moves forward quite well, the sexual side of their relationship takes much longer but fit in with how both men were. Their relationship isn’t smooth flowing though and they have obstacles to overcome. The stalker angle is done well and doesn’t overpower the rest of the story, it comes to the forefront when needed but doesn’t dominate and although there is just a touch of danger it is wrapped up nicely.

I recommend this to those that love coming out stories, finding yourself, discovering love for the first time, Drag Queens, Renaissance Faire, forging new families and a wonderful sweet happy ending.