Broken Bridges - Cheyenne Meadows 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Dax is a police detective and an alpha wolf, he is currently trying to find out the reason why three black bear shifters were murdered. With no clues and completely stumped Dax turns to his ex-lover Adin to see if he could shed some light on what is happening to his fellow black bear shifters, Dax finds that his feelings for Adin never faded and as the murders continue Dax has to try and rein in his possessive, protective nature. Adin’s always regretted that things didn’t work out with Dax but he refuses to be ordered about, when Dax turns up asking for information on bear shifters Adin and Dax burn up the sheets but the problems are still between them. When Adin comes into the killers sights Dax sees for himself that Adin can take care of himself and the two come to a happy medium.

This is quite a good shifter story with some great background and insights, the story is well written and quite enjoyable. I liked the characters and the storyline and also enjoyed the fact that there was no insta-love or fated mates, it was just two shifters who were attracted to each other compatible in bed but seemingly incompatible out of bed. Dax is pure alpha and wasn’t able to control his need to protect what is his, Adin is a bear shifter who has always taken care of himself put the two together and you have smoking hot sex but a clash of personalities. There is a killer silently killing bear shifters for their own twisted revenge and it is the catalyst that drives Dax back to Adin. While trying to catch a killer Adin and Dax’s explosive relationship reignites but they still have issues to overcome if they don’t want it to splutter out.

This story is actually written from three perspectives Dax’s, Adin’s and the killers, so we can see everything that is going on. The relationship between Adin and Dax is explosive and they are fantastic together in bed, but out of bed Dax has to get a grip on his instincts because Adin won’t be coddled. You get a great feel for both characters and what they both feel and how they both struggle with Dax’s protective instincts, their relationship isn’t perfect but this time they are willing to try. The killer is someone who you, in a way, feel sorry for, they have been through their own hell and it has twisted them and that shines through from the killer’s thoughts and feelings.

I recommend this to those that love shifters, a twisted killer who is determined to get revenge, two shifters who have to work through their instincts, hot sex and a great ending.