Release Me - Iyana Jenna 2 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Nicholas is enjoying a day at sea on his yacht when he comes across a floating man, dragging him on board he discovers he is injured. Gregory is a private investigator who is injured and left in the sea to die when he gets close to proving who killed his client’s son, but he isn’t sure he can trust his rescuer when he discovers the connection between his attackers and his rescuer. Nicholas won’t let Gregory down though as there is something about the PI that calls to him, lending a helping hand in the investigation he proves that he can be trusted, but someone wants them both silenced.

This is a quick read that has some danger, investigation and a quick romance. Nicholas and Gregory make a fine couple who are brought together during a murder investigation. Nicholas falls for Gregory as he lies in a hospital bed, there is something that makes him want Gregory safe so he calls in favours to complete Gregory’s investigation so the people that hurt him are made to pay. Gregory is wary of Nicholas at first because of his family’s connection to his attackers, but he quickly realises that Nicholas is genuine with his affection and protection.

Although this story has a very interesting storyline and had huge potential it came across a bit lacklustre. We only really saw what was happening with Nicholas and Gregory with the investigation in the background, we didn’t see all the information or the connections so we are left a little disappointed. The relationship between Nicholas and Gregory is missing a spark, they seem good together but because the relationship and the investigation is squashed into a very short story it was lacking in detail and we only got Nicholas’ side. It was also very rushed, progressing too quickly with no overpowering emotions to make us understand how they went from meeting to married in such a short period.

I will recommend this to those that love private investigators, finding love in difficult situations, interesting investigations and a very happy ending.