Bound by Duty - Jana Downs 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and can be read as a standalone but is best read in order. Jess has been chosen by the alien lottery and he thinks that it won’t be all bad, after all anything would be better than the complete indifference of his parents. Things aren’t too bad but then his owner’s gambling debts get too high and Jess is sold off, and he discovers being picked by the alien lottery is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Noss was forced to take on the role of Arak when his father Prince Kranok was arrested, it is a role he dreads but to keep his family together he will put his own happiness aside. Noss has to buy a human when the scandal keeps away marriage prospects and he gets much more than he bargained for in Jess, their passion is explosive and they both find what they are looking for in the other but Noss has to decide whether he can accept what is being offered or if he will be bound by duty.

This is a great addition to this wonderful sci-fi series Owned. We briefly met Noss in Bound By Defiance as he took over responsibility for his family. Noss never wanted a traditional household but with his father gone he has to take over his role to keep his family together, but he can’t become Arak unless he gets a concubine and nobody wants him now buying a human is his only hope. When he gets Jess he has his hands full with the horny human but the bliss he finds in Jess’ arms might not be enough. Jess finds something he has never had when he is sold to Noss, he finds a family that accepts him but getting Noss to see that he can have a happy life and keep his family together is harder than he thinks.

I loved this story, both characters are wonderful and they are perfect in this story together. Jess has had a crappy life being ignored by his parents, he will take anything that life throws at him with a smile so when he is chosen for the lottery he figures it won’t be so bad. When Jess is sold onto Noss he accepts that he is a convenience but still manages to find his place in the family. Noss feels he has no choice but to become Arak but finds himself longing to submit to Jess, he also doesn’t know if he can hold out hope for what Jess offers him.

This is a great story that brings two men together who both have something that the other one needs, Noss needs Jess to show him how to let go and accept change and Jess needs Noss to show him how a family really are and the love and comfort they bring. Jess is a character that you can’t help but feel compassion for, he has been treated badly by his parents and has to find the love of a family in an alien family. Noss is trying to protect his family and you can’t help but love him, but he also fears changing their family standing.

I recommend this to those who love science fiction, human and alien smoking hot sex, accepting love and family, bucking tradition and a very happy ending.