Thick as Thieves - Tali Spencer 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Vorgell the barbarian finds himself locked up in a cell with a thief/witch after unwittingly using a unicorn horn to pleasure himself, now he is horny as hell and thinks that the little thief can give him a helping hand. Madd has been enslaved by a baron and wants nothing more than to escape, when the huge barbarian is tossed in his cell he takes advantage of his innocent confession and snatches a kiss that helps them escape. Now on the run but with their own problems, Vorgell wants sex and Madd wants the enchanted collar off, they join together to re-enter the castle they just escaped to steal a basilisk egg. Together they find themselves dealing with witches, wizards, thieves and trouble.

This is a great fantasy story that has a horny as hell barbarian and a disgruntled witch. Vorgell gets himself into a huge jam when he mistakenly kills a unicorn, eats the berries made from its blood, becomes horny and pleasures himself with the unicorn’s horn. Unknown to Vorgell a unicorn isn’t just magical it is also a potent aphrodisiac and now he wants constant sex…. there’s doubts if even a tree knot would be safe. Madd has fallen foul of a local baron and he wears an enchanted collar that makes him want the loathsome man, escaping with a barbarian who is full of magic is his only chance of freedom. But, to be free forever he needs the basilisk’s egg used to create the enchanted collar. Madd and Vorgell come to an agreement Vorgell will help Madd get into the castle with his magical fluids and Madd will sexually please Vorgell when he needs magic.

This has got to be one of the maddest books I have ever read, inadvertently infusing yourself with a potent aphrodisiac and being constantly horny…. Poor Vorgell. Vorgell is a wonderful barbarian who develops feelings for the ornery Madd, Madd is a male witch who has been mistreated in the past but it only takes one horny barbarian to crack his shell. Together they face danger and horrors as they try to free Madd from his collar, because the baron has powerful allies in the Wizards Guild. They also have to keep secret about Vorgell’s hidden magic or he will find himself in his own plight as he would become a delicacy for the Wizards to eat, and then there are the witches who would use him for their own needs as well.

Both the characters and storyline are brilliant, the world building is wonderful and makes us see everything that Madd has been through because of circumstance, Vorgell’s personal story is interesting as well and I think they are perfect together. Madd still has a long way to go before he will admit any tender feelings for the barbarian and Vorgell quickly develops feelings for the witch, it isn’t easy for them though and you would more likely say they have a partnership rather than a real relationship. The storyline pulls you in well and leads you into a world that fascinates. Witches, wizards, fiends and a culture where male witches are looked down on are just some of the things that I adored, but nothing could tear me away from the development of both Madd and Vorgell as they progressed through the book, the way that they both seemed to grow the longer we knew them and how they both trusted in the other because of their actions. I really hope we haven’t seen the last of this world because Vorgell and Madd are characters I would love to see again.

I recommend this to those that love fantasy, who want an adventure, who wants to explore magic, who isn’t afraid of danger, hot sex and a horny barbarian, great characters and a happy ending.