To The Highest Bidder - Jordan Brewer 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Jonathon is a prince whose every move has been watched closely, he is to be used as a bargaining chip by his father the King. Jonathon knows that he is expected to marry but is surprised when his father tells him he will be marrying the next day to a man he doesn’t even know Prince Adrian, but he gets an even bigger shock when he learns that there is another groom waiting in the wings. After a desperate attempt to avoid his fate Jonathon finally accepts the kind words of his betrothed and is glad when he does. Escaping the fate that his father has planned isn’t easy though and Jonathon and Adrian face kidnapping, torture and horrors. They support a revolution, help to heal a kingdom and then face their foe head on, all the while they trying to build a loving relationship, a relationship that is plagued with doubts and mistrust.

This is a brilliant medieval type fantasy story that is littered with doubts, mistrust, double dealings, betrayal and a slow kindling love. Jonathon has grown up knowing he is just a commodity, to be sold off when his father, the king, gets the right price. When he is first informed of who his future spouse will be he panics and does the only thing he can think of to escape his fate. Adrian is shocked to learn that the man he courted for the last year has no knowledge of him but he has no intentions of letting him go, proceeding with their wedding is Jonathon’s only hope of freedom and they both know it. But their marriage will be filled with danger and heartache as the two men face major obstacles to their happiness.

I loved this story for the full descriptions and very involved storyline that doesn’t quit until our two princes get their happily ever after. As we follow the princes’ journey we see them both evolving into princes to be proud of, Jonathon begins to discover his self-worth and begins to trust in people and Adrian discovers just how self-involved and self-centred he was and begins to become a better man. Jonathon has been neglected and abused as a child but he excels in many areas as he was driven to try to make his father proud of him, Adrian was given everything he wanted and it has made him a man whose whims are fulfilled even those that seem outlandish and strange. Together they face trials no man should have to face, from a sadistic king bent on owning Jonathon to confronting the instigator of all the bad deeds and then having someone trying to cause conflict in their marriage.

The best thing about this story is that it is much more than just one book, the first part of the story is focused on Jonathon’s marriage, his father’s twisted plans, and the sadistic king. It then progresses to the healing of a kingdom and the development of the princes’ marriage, we then see a shift as Jonathon has to confront his father to prevent war. After that it is trouble in paradise as Jonathon hears rumours about Adrian enjoying himself while Jonathon was off trying to prevent war…. It just doesn’t stop. We also have a fantastic little side story of two doctors who were separated years before being reunited, and not just that but of the incredible discoveries that one of the doctors makes as he experiments to keep his patients alive.

I recommend this to everyone who loves medieval type settings, danger, double dealings, and a rough path to love, evolving characters, a brilliant storyline and a great ending that just makes you want more.