Haunted - Brynn Stein 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Lenard has to make a fresh start after divorcing his wife, because her influential family hold grudges. So now he is starting anew in a small town and starting a new job on a rural police force, but he gets a surprise when he arrives at his new house and sees the condition is a bit more run down than he was led to believe, and his new colleagues inform him it is haunted. Lenard doesn’t believe in ghosts, but when unexplainable things keep happening he begins to wonder about the man who is said to haunt it and begins to investigate. Jason Miller and his family are a mystery until Lenard keeps digging and discovers there were unexplained disappearances and deaths, and he begins to get answers from Jason’s ghost. As they join forces they discover that not even death can conquer love.

This is a great haunting story that has some mystery and investigation, as well as a love that should be impossible. Lenard was royally screwed by his ex-wife and her family, he now has to move to a rural town just to get away from their influence and he comes across a mystery that has been covered up for years. As Lenard begins to settle in he discovers his new house is haunted and makes the decision to try to communicate with the ghost. Lenard also starts to discover just what happened all those years ago to Jason and his family and the deeper he digs the more he discovers the corruption and influence that have hovered over the town for many years.

I really enjoyed this story and the build-up of friendship between the ghost, Jason, and the detective, Lenard, the way it was drawn out from simple friendship to a romantic love over the course of the book. I also really liked how Jason developed from a ghost who could move objects, to a ghost who could appear solid and also travel to a small area around the house. Both threads are tied together and the progression was incredible. The mystery side was enthralling, Jason knew why he was murdered along with the rest of his family but as Lenard discovers finding the proof is hard, even with the help of his friend and colleague Ben helping.

This is a beautifully written story that weaves together an investigation and a haunting brilliantly, we also have a wonderful love story of the impossible and it is threaded with just a touch of tension and danger. There are no on page sex scenes, but from the interaction of both Jason and Lenard you know it is happening and their love shines through.

I recommend this to those who love ghosts and detectives, a mystery being solved, a man finally getting justice, an impossible love and a brilliant ending.