Bound by Deception - Jana Downs 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and although it can be read as a standalone it is best enjoyed as part of the series. The government has decided to pull a fast one on the Eoeans when they demand an extra sacrifice. Jack is in prison serving a long sentence when he is told he is going to be a sacrifice, with no other real option he takes the government up on their offer and finds himself the property of an Eoean/Renka diplomat. Kelr doesn’t want a human, the touch and vibrations coming off others unsettles his Renka half and he doesn’t like the idea of owning a slave. What Kelr doesn’t count on though is the human’s determination to have a relationship with him and Kelr finds his defences breaking down. But Eoean society looks down on criminals and when the Pressian’s start to make trouble Jack and Kelr could find themselves in hot water.

This story is a great addition to the Owned series as it expands the storyline of the Eoeans background. Jack is in prison for something he hasn’t done but he will gladly stay there to save the person he is protecting, but he is given an opportunity that he can’t really turn down. Kelr is pretty unique, he is half Renka so he can manipulate vibrations and change the resonance to something different but he is also half Eoean which means he has the same urges, but touch is difficult for him. Jack discovers a way for them to still find pleasure but Kelr swears he will find someone for Jack to be full partners with, Jack doesn’t want that but Kelr is stubborn.

I really enjoyed this story, we discover more about the Eoeans position with the Pressian’s and the demands they are under, we see another human find soul resonance with their beloved alien and we see how they work through the problems they face. Their sexual escapades are extremely hot and I loved how they first tried to solve the touching problem. I also really liked that Kelr tried to do what was best for Jack before admitting defeat in the face of Jack’s need. Each story brings us a bit closer to understanding why the Eoeans want the humans, the soul resonance is one but we also discover that the Pressian’s are demanding them as payment as well.

I have to recommend this to those who love science-fiction, futuristic, alien loving, if they want red hot sex, if they love humans who know what they want, if they want a great storyline with a developing twist and a great ending.