On The Clock - Chris Owen 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Cort Strang is a homicide detective who is over worked and without a partner, when he is assigned a new case, involving a man strangled with a keyboard cord, he ends up asking the man who discovered the body, Patrick Gallagher to give him a helping hand. Gallagher is a detective in Computer Crimes and discovered the dead body of his neighbour, Strang catches his interest right away and Gallagher decides to pursue the man. With a murder to solve Strang juggles the case and Gallagher, even combining the two at times but will his attraction to Gallagher distract him from finding the murderer?

This was an enjoyable read that has some great investigating and some hot steamy encounters. Strang is investigating a murder of a socially inept man, but he finds himself finding parallels in his own life. When he meets Gallagher he takes the man up on his flirtation and also ropes him into helping on the case. Gallagher and Strang strike sparks off each other and have some hot steamy encounters but Strang can’t forget the case he is working on and although he might get a touch distracted nothing will stop him for hunting for the murderer.

Strang and Gallagher have a very intense fast moving relationship, they both like what they see so they get what they want. The murder and investigation is where the story really focus’, we see the steps that Strang takes to solve the murder and the sheer determination to carry on even though he is basically investigating it by himself and he is exhausted. I found the investigation to be really well done and it had me gripped as I followed the case and seeing the threads being pulled to bring the answers to the fore.

This is a great little story that is great for an afternoon murder mystery read, eat your heart out Poirot. If you love hot sex, a great storyline and the beginning of a hot relationship than you should give this one a go.