Catch a Ghost  - S.E. Jakes 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Prophet works alone, he prefers it that way, but his boss at Extreme Escapes, LTD. has just given him a new partner and a case that is haunted by ghosts of his past. Tom has just come on board EEL and is still wondering why he was offered the job, but he takes the new case and reluctant partner anyway. With a history of his partners dying Tom is determined that it won’t happen this time, but with the way that Prophet dices with death it is down to luck. Prophet and Tom have to find a way to take down killers in the world of underground cage fighting and discover just why the victim was murdered. Their attraction is instant and giving into their attraction is easy, but trusting each other is much harder and what little trust they have will be tested to the limits.

Both MC’s in this book are haunted by their pasts, Prophet because of a promise he made and Tom because all his partners have been killed. Both characters are complex in their own way, Prophet is the most complex with his attitude and broken self-worth, Tom has his own complexities with his seemly ‘bad luck’ and premonition feelings. Their instant attraction leads into a difficult relationship while they are investigating a murder that has murky leads and those leads are mysteriously tied to Prophet, and, a video that Tom mysteriously received even before ever meeting Prophet.

I have to say this is one frustrating book, it gives you hope, hints and clues but leaves you grasping for solid answers. While we learn a lot about both men’s backgrounds it still leaves us in the dark though, it’s like peeling back the first layer only to discover another layer underneath covered in steel. The storyline is really good and you get dragged into the danger and mystery, you get frustrated at Prophet’s attitude and you can’t help hope that Tom will smack the crap out of him to knock some sense into him. Their relationship is one of tension, frustration and incredible hot sex with Tom doing most of the work to crack Prophet’s steel shell.

This really isn’t the book to read if you are just looking for an easy read or perfect relationship, it’s the book to read if you want something to chew on and frustrate you. It isn’t a pretty book with hearts and flowers, in fact there are times you could cheerfully string up both Tom and Prophet because they annoy you so much. There are no dewy eyes from these dangerous men, black eyes yes, and there’s no sweet words but plenty of cursing and there is certainly no happily ever after unless the author is very happy with our screaming and cursing as we get to the end and discover frustration.

I recommend this if you love mysterious men making the world a better place, if you love broken men who aren’t sure if they want to be fixed, scorching hot sex, a great storyline that leaves you frustrated and if are a glutton for punishment.