Point of No Return - N.R. Walker 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Review 2nd Edition

Matthew enjoys his job as a narcotics detective, one of a team of four who have been shutting down drug-rings across the city. He might have a hinkey feeling about his current case but otherwise life is good, until he meets Kira (Frankie) and falls hard. Both Kira’s and Matthew’s jobs makes it hard to be gay but they can’t resist each other, but coming out is not an option until the bad guys try to get their revenge.

Wow, all I can say is wow, this book was great to read, it leads us through their relationship and then BAM we get a brilliant twist that shows both Kira and Matthew in their elements and gives us a spectacular ending. Matthew is a closeted cop and Kira a closeted boxing instructor, but once they meet they are perfectly happy to share their closets together, both men know the impact that coming out would have on their careers and although they would like to tell the world of their love they aren’t ready yet. Unfortunately for them a case that Matthew is working on blows up in all their faces and more than their love hangs in the balance.

The characters in this book are all wonderful with Matthew and Kira leading the way. Matthew is a confident man but behind closed doors with Kira he is unsure and shy but damn is he cute, Kira is definitely the one leading the way and he pursued Matthew with just the right amount of confidence. I thought the storyline was great, both Matthew and Kira getting to know each other and spending time together before they declare their love for each other, and then we have Matthew’s case puzzling him and that gets woven really well and then we have the twist towards the end where the case and relationship crash together.

This story is well written, the characters are great along with the supporting characters, and we never get bored with what is going on, the story pulls us along nicely. The part near the end where Matthew worries about Kira is brilliantly written, with both of them reacting as you would expect in that situation, but the love they have and the slightly awkward acceptance that they find with Matthew’s friends is great. This is a great story that covers all aspects and gives you plenty of romance, action, suspense and some wonderful hot sex.

So I recommend this to those who love cops, hot men, action, suspense, a slight mystery, romance, danger and a happy ending for some great characters.