Cataclysmic Shift - Tara Lain 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Aloysius is a powerful witch’s familiar but when he saves Blaine and Killian from a witch’s attack he loses everything - his power, his memory and his cat form – he wakes up human surround by cats and dogs with a vague memory of his name, Alain, and not much else. Luckily for Alain he is in the hands of attractive vet Luke who helps him out with clothes, a place to stay and a job. Luke is shocked when he comes across a naked man in his vet clinic but the innocence in the man’s eyes has him helping him out, but Luke is hiding from his past which could bring down all he has built and Alain nearly gets dragged into danger. Killian’s power is greatly depleted with the loss of Aloysius, with evil witches determined to take over the coven Killian needs Aloysius now more than ever but with Aloysius stuck in human form the prospects look dire.

Ah damn what a twisted tale this series has become, with the European covens determined to rule and a nasty man from Luke’s past, we are also treated to a dilemma when Aloysius/Alain regains his memories. Luke is a great character who hides from his shady past, it took him years to get where he is as a vet and he has no intentions of ever revisiting his past. When Luke meets Alain he is bewitched by his beauty but he resists the pull of attraction for as long as he can, especially as Alain has no real memories of his own. Alain is drawn to Luke and can be quite persuasive and although he is enjoying his new life to the fullest, he knows that he has forgotten something important. Bring in Killian, Blaine, Sammy and Ryder as they try to protect their coven and discover how they can get Aloysius back but then a dilemma happens when Alain falls in love with Luke, how can they ask him to give up his love to give them back their power?

I loved this story as the threads were drawn together, weaving a tale that pulls us in different directions as we want Alain and Luke to get their happily ever after, but we also want Killian and the coven to win against the attacks. Luke is unaware of magic so his part in the story is of a very human aspect that Alain also gets dragged into, their relationship is pretty incredible and Aloysius as human is both sweet and funny and they make a delightful couple. We then have the magical aspect with Killian and Sammy being affected by the loss of Aloysius and being attacked by witch’s wanting power for themselves. This was beautifully done and you get pulled in from the very first page, we see their plight as Aloysius/Alain is torn in different directions and Luke’s heartbreak and devastation upon learning the truth. There are some very amusing scenes as Alain still has some very cat like traits.

I recommend this to those that love magical dilemma’s, falling in love, danger from both human and magical attacks, a great story and a brilliant surprising ending.