The New Wolf (Building the Pack #1) - R.J. Scott 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Josh and Connor have moved to the small town of Black Creek to start afresh after a hate crime in the city nearly cost one of them their lives, Josh takes over his deceased grandfathers veterinary clinic and Connor is starting over in the sheriff's office. Connor becomes interested in a series of unsolved crimes going back over fifty years that are attributed to the Black Creek Creeper and decides to try to solve some of them. But there is a deeper secret being hidden in Black Creek and Connor stumbles across it when he is viciously attacked in the woods.

This is a pretty interesting paranormal story that is shrouded in mystery. Connor and Josh are great characters, both of them deeply in love and starting anew in the town where Josh's grandfather lived. Connor is having a slightly harder time settling in the quite town after the noisy hustle of the city and he is suspicious of everything, Josh has settled in nicely loving the challenge of working with bigger animals. But when something happens to Connor and he changes Josh is willing to sell up if it means keeping the man he loves, but Connor has discovered something he doesn't quite believe himself and has no words to tell Josh what has happened.

Ah this story is like a breath of fresh air, so different from the typical shifter stories that you come across. A dangerous lone wolf seems determined to decimate the wolves of Black Creek and Connor and Josh get dragged into the danger by accident, which causes a strain in their relationship as Josh tries to accept what has happened. Connor is the poor soul who stumbles on the town secret and his situation is beautifully described, Josh's reaction is one of the best I have ever seen and I was so thankful that he didn't just throw himself into Connor's arms but held back to process what he had learned.

We have a pretty well written story that has interesting details revealed, the storyline doesn't drag but is just right for an evening read, we have some really hot sex as we see the great relationship between Josh and Connor. The shifter secret is really well covered and if you didn't know this was a shifter story going in, then the reactions of the towns people and sheriff's department would have you thinking they were all hiding a deep dark murderous killer. The other characters are really well written and you can't help but look at them through Connor's eyes and view their suspicious behavior with trepidation.

I recommend this to those that love shifters, standing by your man, hot sex and the discovery of a secret that you'd rather not have known.