Angelic Alliances - Jana Downs 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Madigan, Cross, Bren, Michel, Yuri and Dex are gearing up for the coming war with Azrael and his Hunters. All the angels are finding it hard to allow Madigan into danger but they know he has to open his powers and gain control of them if they are to win, they are all feeling the pressure but as more angels are pledged to fight by the Archangels they begin to feel hope. Surprise allies come into play but first Madigan has to prove his worth and if he doesn't learn to call upon his powers the war maybe over even before it has begun.

This is a great addition to the His Guardian Angels series with the war rapidly approaching Madigan and his angels manage to still find time to love. As the war approaches Madigan and his angels discover that they have many more allies than they ever imagined, Madigan has to open his powers and with the help of allies old and new he begins to get a grip on them. Cross, Bren, Michel, Dex and Yuri find they have lots to keep them occupied as they help to train the Nephilim for the upcoming battle, but the fear that Madigan isn't going to be ready lingers.

Oh damn this is a steamy addition to the series which is packed with surprises. [a:Jana Downs|5235760|Jana Downs|] pulls out all the stops as sides are taken and allies are forged as the war approaches, she has given us something to look forward to as Madigan's powers come to the fore. We see our favorite angels coming together in support and love, we see them handling their fears with a reaffirmation of their love and we watch as amazing allies come to their aid. Their sex lives don't falter one bit as Madigan uses his powers in a sensual way and boy are they smoking hot. The ending is one that you want to choke the author for.... I wanted to cry in sheer frustration.

I recommend this to those that love mixing it up with your paranormals, watching as your pages start to smoke because of the hot sex, seeing the army come together and a pure frustrating ending that ends much to soon.