Blessed Curses - Madeleine Ribbon 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

David is a sorcerer who is skilled at creating blessings, he has very little other magical abilities, but for David it isn't something he worries over. David has had to live with an unbreakable curse for twenty years ever since his brother, in a fit of childhood jealousy, cursed him, now as an adult no one can stand to be within ten feet of him before the fear drives them away. Vaughn works for the magical enforcers making sure sorcerers stay within the law and breaking curses, when his best friend offers him the opportunity to meet The Impossible Kid he jumps at the chance to take a look at the curse that has baffled everyone. Vaughn takes a more personal interest in David when he meets him but David put's distance between them, will David ever give Vaughn the chance to prove he is more than just a curse.

This is a great magic story that isn't magical cures but does have a magical love. David has lived his life knowing no one can get close to him, so when an enforcer who specializes in breaking curses shows an interest in him he can't believe it is for himself and not his curse. Vaughn is instantly attracted to David and because of his own birth blessing he can get close to David, but trying to convince David that he really wants him is hard. As the two become close Vaughn keeps looking into a solution to David's curse but his work is getting stressful and hunting for a thief might get dangerous.

This is a great story and although it is about magical people it isn't too fanciful, both men are wonderful and their relationship is taken slowly as David gets used to being close to someone. Although the story focus' on David and Vaughn's relationship and it's progress and ups and downs, it also gives us an insight into Arcana (where Vaughn works) but we only really get to see one case. I would have enjoyed seeing even more about the work the Arcana enforcers do but I enjoyed this little taster. I also really liked David and couldn't help feel sorry for him and his complete loneliness, but the happiness he discovers with Vaughn is really special. Vaughn's love for David becomes very clear to us when he finds a solution to David's curse, that was real love.

I recommend this to those that love great characters, magic, finding a love that you will do anything for, a great storyline and a wonderful ending.