Skye's Limits - Stephani Hecht 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Skye doesn't really give a damn about his life and tries to drink away the memories of a traumatic childhood event, but now after many lectures his brother is doing something about Skye's behavior and signs him up with a mentor who will train him. Alden is the one the Coalition turns to when they have a difficult case, Alden is determined to get Skye up to snuff and the last thing he would have expected to be attracted to the lion shifter.

This is a brilliant addition to The Lost Shifters series, with a messed up shifter finding something worth fighting for. Skye is Branson's ([b:Gage's Awakening|13394355|Gage's Awakening (Lost Shifters, #16)|Stephani Hecht||18625626]) brother and has been messed up with the memories of the Raven attack that killed his parents, in a last ditched attempt to get Skye clean and doing something for the Coalition Branson signs Skye up for mentor training. Skye wants to prove to everyone that he can change and throws himself into the training, but he can't help longing after his trainer Alden. Alden finds himself impressed with the cute shifter and seriously attracted, but he won't cross the line with Skye while he is mentoring him, but they face opposition when the mentoring is finished.

Skye and Alden are a super couple and we get to watch their courtship in the training arena. We see Skye straighten himself out wanting to prove to people that he isn't just a f**k up and he can be an asset to the Coalition. Both Skye and Alden are great characters and they face the fall out together. They are hot and sparks fly between them and they try to do the right thing but others interfere. The storyline continues with the increasing attacks of the Raven's, but I can't help wonder if they have found all the lost shifters now because I haven't seen any new rescues of them for a while.

I recommend this to those who love shifters finding love in difficult conditions, a determination to improve ones life, hot sex and a great ending of finding peace in a family.