Positive - Tia Fielding 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Journalist Brent and his husband, homicide detective, Shawn are enjoying a well deserved weekend away when it is cut short by a work call for Shawn, after ten years together it is something that Brent is used to but this case cuts close to home. Shawn has to find a sharpshooter firing tranquilizer darts and Brent is steering clear of the story, Brent also longs to mend the rift with his childhood best friend and a colleague of Shawn's catches both of their eye. When the case closes Shawn and Brent still have to face a white lie that shakes up their trust, the possibility of inviting another man to their bed, health issues and the possibility of children. They have to face the challenges head on together if they want to keep their happy life of love.

This is a great story that mixes a police investigation, journalism and they everyday lives of a loving couple. Shawn and Brent are both great characters, they have been together for ten years but separated for a brief time five years ago, and even with the difficulties that separation has left behind they love each other completely. Investigating a shooting spree brings home to Brent his own situation and they begin to discuss children and their wish to have them. During a brief visit to Shawn's work Brent meets a colleague of Shawn's who sets his mind to erotic thoughts, and a new idea forms.

I thought this story was brilliant, I loved the way it was written and the characters portrayed. Brent's need to reconnect with his childhood best friend is touching and wonderfully done, the way the investigation is played out was brilliant and very original, keeping you wondering what could happen next. Brent's and Shawn's relationship is filled with love, with just a couple of ups and downs and you can see the close family ties they have. This is a really well written story that was well thought out and, to my mind, researched. When everything is tied together and finished this is about a couple who have been through a lot together and love and support each other through thick and thin.

Now, although I really enjoyed this story and thought a lot of it was wonderful I must admit to having some major disquiet with the threesome, I mean the idea came from nowhere, to a couple who had never wanted anyone else and suddenly they are contemplating adding a third to their bed for a one off time.... it would have been different if they had at least thought about it or discussed it in the past but they hadn't. It just felt wrong for it to be there tainting a wonderful story for the sake of thrills and sex.

I will recommend this to those who love slight thrillers, a genuine loving couple, mending friendships, looking to the future, love and forgiveness and a great visit to England.