The Ultimate Find - Anna  Lee 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Kevin is a slightly shy antique picker who has a huge crush on delivery driver Aaron, but trying to figure out if Aaron is single isn't easy. Asking Aaron to go picking with him Kevin figures they could just be friends, but then he discovers Aaron is interested in him. Aaron is interested in the slightly nerdy antique dealer but figures the guy wouldn't to get tied to a guy with a complicated life, but he still jumps at the chance to spend the day with him. When they start the day off with a grumbling nephew tagging along and then a near accident, will these two men hit it off?

This is a cute story of two men both feeling like they are average, but both showing that they aren't in the other mans eyes. Kevin is a cute nerdy sci-fi geek who loves finding treasures, Aaron is the man who has caught his eye but Kevin thinks he is too nerdy for Aaron to notice him. Aaron is a bit nerdy himself and has a lot on his plate helping his brother out with his nephew, but getting the chance to spend the day with the cute antique picker he jumps at the chance. With life getting in the way the two men still get to know each other and it is the beginning of something sweet between them.

I really found this story cute and really liked both Aaron and Kevin. Kevin shows himself to be a wonderful man when Joey (Aaron's nephew) has to tag along on his date with Aaron. Aaron is an incredible man who, although it annoys him that it seems like his brother isn't taking responsibility, steps up to be there for his nephew. They make a great couple and this story shows us their first 'date' and the fun and near disasters they go through.... my favorite part of the book? In the barn, up in the loft when they uncover the object in the corner, Whovians will love it!!

I recommend this to those that love great characters, connecting with someone special, some heated kisses, a cute kid and the beginning of something great.