Welcome to the Dark Side - James   Cox 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Anarchy has been the leader of hell for 100 years, when he meets new arrival Josh he finds it hard to believe that Josh could be a cold blooded killer. Determined to get the truth, he sends Josh to his own residence with plans to sexually torture the truth out of him.... and to also discover why Josh makes him feel the way he does.

Gulp, this is a hot short that has kink and sexual pleasure galore. Anarchy is puzzled about why Josh is in hell, but Josh won't give him the full story. When Anarchy discovers the truth he has a choice of his own to make, ask heaven to take Josh and lose his mate or keep Josh in hell where he will be miserable.

Ah damn, I really don't know how James Cox can gives us a sexually pleasing story that also has a great storyline in only 22pgs. This is a really hot short where the truth comes out, forgiveness is given, Anarchy finds a mate, hot kinky sex is enjoyed and we also get a happily ever after (after a bit of despair). This is a great story that whets the appetite and satisfies it at the same time, it fulfills a quick paranormal fix while giving us a kink fix as well.

I recommend this to those who love kinky paranormals, hot kinky sex, a sweetish love story and a great ending.