Lay Me Down to Sleep - James   Cox 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

As the world is dying the government come up with a plan for the human race to survive, the population sleeping in hibernation chambers deep underground as The Cultivator works above ground. When Glenton wakes up it is to horror, Glenton is saved by Aric but many others die, and when the dust settles there's six young survivors who have to learn to survive long enough until the day the hatch opens and they can return to the surface. When Glenton turns eighteen he has to try to understand his feelings for Aric, and just when he is coming to terms with his new relationship disaster strikes.

This is a great little story that is a touch YA, Coming of Age and futuristic sci-fi. Glenton wakes to chaos when the hibernation chambers are cut off, Aric, Rawn, Chazin, Gela and Enne are the only other survivors and they have several more years before the surface is safe to live on. The six grow up clearing tunnels for when the hatches open, developing relationships with each other but when Glenton discovers that it is Aric that flips his switch, he doesn't know what to do as boys should be with girls, shouldn't they?

I really enjoyed this little story and loved the way that the story progressed, and the way it is set out and how we are left wondering until the very end just what really happened with the hibernation chambers. The developing relationship between Glenton and Aric is kinda sweet, Glenton has no clue that it is normal to be attracted to another male and they have a lot of hidden meeting places so they can be close. Their relationship is one that develops from friends to lovers and gets a touch hot under the collar as they experiment with each other.

I recommend this to those who love futuristic sci-fi, young guys coming together, hot encounters and a new beginning for the human race.