One Warlock's Love Story: All Knight Long - Shad O. Walker 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Zander has led a sheltered life in the paranormal world, even though he is a warlock he has been brought up in the human world and knows very little about other paranormals. Zander is about to change that by meeting up with his on-line friend Giovanni and going to a supernatural night club, but his night of escape comes to a screeching halt when the club is attacked and he finds himself dragged into an adventure to discover who was behind the attack. Zander also discovers that his mother has been hiding a secret, he meets his mate Tau and isn't sure he wants to settle down.

This is a great paranormal story that is filled with action and secrets. Zander wants to know more about the world he belongs to but has been kept sheltered by his parents. On the one night that he throws off the shackles of responsibility it ends with him meeting his mate and being in the middle of a violent bloody attack by enemies unknown, and he takes it on himself to rescue the kidnapped paranormals when he discovers his grandmother is among those who are missing. Tau is a shifter prince, discovering his mate fills him with joy but it isn't a easy mating and he has his own challenges to face in the coming weeks. Giovanni is a warlock who threw his own chains off long ago he has no problem supporting Zander in his rescue mission, Giovanni also meets a vampire, Hung, who he isn't sure he wants to leave.

Zander is a pretty confused young man by the time this story ends, he discovers secrets that rip his family apart, discovers a mate he isn't sure he wants yet and finds himself in the middle of rescue and sets himself a mission to discover who attacked the paranormals. Zander's relationship with Tau is very rocky, and if he had know the truth about shifters it would have been a lot smoother but still tense. Giovanni proves to be a great friend for Zander and adds some zing to the story. The progression of the story is very quick but doesn't get confusing, the characters are brilliant and come together brilliantly to make an interesting cast and the storyline is action packed and exciting.

I will recommend this story to those that love paranomal story's that have a journey ahead of them, developing love that has hurdles, secrets that can destroy but make you stronger, rescues that rock, difficult choices to make and an ending that makes you want the next eleven installments now!