Thornless Rose - T.C. Mill 3 - 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Tyrel is a bodyguard and has been assigned his newest charge, an ambassador who is assigned the task of negotiating with a primitive planet. Verithe is an ambassador for the Union of planetary governments, he is heading for negotiations with Corrina, a planet which is called cursed. Verithe and Tyrel find themselves stranded on the planets surface and fighting for their lives, but the one thing they don't fight is their attraction to each other. Tyrel wonders how Verithe will manage such a hostile territory with his lighthearted and gentle nature and Verithe wonders if Tyrel will be able to ignore the seductive pull of the violence and danger.

This is a great science fiction story that takes us on a journey to a primitive world where only the strongest survive. Verithe is heading to the cursed planet Corrina after they demanded negotiations, not knowing what they face but knowing already what the Union have decided. Tyrel has one job and that is to keep Verithe safe, unfortunately keeping him safe proves harder than he thought when the Corrinan's aren't happy with the way negotiations are going. The two men survive by sheer will and a survivor from a previous expedition, after they are betrayed by one of their own, now they just have to wait for rescue and pray that it comes in time.

This story is wonderfully written, it gives us enough back story so we aren't left in the dark over what they are facing on the planet and lets us know that their time on the planet isn't going to be easy. Verithe seems like a gentle soul and although he doesn't like violence accepts that sometimes it is the only way. Tyrel is a character that is harsher, he will do what must be done but sometimes loses himself to the violence. Both characters coming together balance each other out and Tyrel sees the steel running through Verithe and Verithe helps to keep Tyrel tempered. Their sexual relationship is very hot, but at first came out of nowhere when they were still in a very precarious position, it was also a shock because although there was vague murmurs about attraction there wasn't any indication that it was that strong.

I loved the way Corrina was portrayed as a primitive violent place where you could easily let your inner dark side take over, letting yourself be seduced by the darker undertones of survival of the strongest. I liked how Verithe somehow managed to keep Tyrel leashed and how Tyrel loved the more easy going Verithe. This is a really good storyline which is original and has plenty of action, it has a love developing in horrid conditions and has friendships emerging with the less violent Corrinan's.

I recommend this if you love science fiction, primitive planets and inhabitants, strong characters, hot sex, action and danger and a very satisfying ending.