Bite Me Tender - Kate Lowell 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Levi is a werewolf and is madly in love with his boyfriend Glyn and after being together for so long they have been attempting to change Glyn into a wolf.... but Glyn is a witch and the change isn't taking. Levi doesn't know what to do, his pack is on his back about increasing numbers and a rival pack is making noises about taking over his territory but he can't betray his lover to make more wolves. Glyn wants nothing more than to become a wolf like his lover, it should help to settle his magic and the pack would accept him fully, but each month the bite doesn't take and the pack are trying to force his lover to change someone else. Can Glyn and Levi discover why Glyn isn't changing and would their love survive if Levi caved in to his packs demands.

This story is brilliant, it is a paranormal story that has disagreements, temptations, danger and realizations. Each month Levi and Glyn face disappointment when the wolf bite fails, they have been attempting for months to change witch Glyn but each time it fails. Now Levi's pack are pressuring him to increase their numbers and there is only one way to change a human into a wolf and it involves lots of sex, Levi can't do that to his lover but the pack are refusing to back down. Glyn's magic has always been unstable and with the difficulty he is having he turns to his grandmother for help, and discovers there is more each failure than he first realized.

Glyn and Levi are an established couple who love each other madly, but the packs insistence is beginning to drive them apart. There is no way that Glyn could accept his lover having sex with someone else but the pack don't care, putting Levi in an awkward position of having to choose between his pack and his lover. Both characters are brilliant, with Levi being torn over what to do and Glyn refusing to be walked on by the pack, it is a rocky time for both men but their passion for each other never lessens. When the discovery of why Glyn's change never works is discovered Levi feels guilty but Glyn takes it all in stride, it makes a very interesting storyline and has a great twist for the shifters.

I really enjoyed this story as it wasn't perfect mates and the changing of new wolves was pretty unique, both Glyn and Levi are hot characters and you can clearly see the struggle they both face as temptation is thrown in Levi's face. I was amazed at the feelings this story invoked, disappointment and anger being the main ones. It really makes you feel for Glyn as he is faced with the possibility of his lover not only changing another, but having months of sex with that person as well. The thing is, you also see it from Levi's point of view as well, especially when he is trying to convince his pack that it is wrong for them to expect him to set Glyn aside for months. This really is a great story.

I recommend this to those who love shifters with a different twist, witches in a snit, fantastic sex, brilliant characters and a great ending.