Strong Enough - Cardeno C. 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Emilio has been hanging around his brothers construction site in the hope of bumping into the sexy older professor he spotted one day while he dropped off supplies, persuading the shy man to a date is easy but gaining his trust and healing old wounds will take a lot longer. Spencer is shocked when the sexy young construction worker he has been spying on asks him out, but for once he finds himself being swept away with impulse and before long finds himself with a young sexy lover. Spencer has to fight his personal demons to fully accept the love he is offered but with Emilio by his side he is strong enough to face anything.

Ahhh [a:Cardeno C.|4620386|Cardeno C.|] has produced another sweet and sexy love story with wonderfully characters you can't help loving. Spencer is the slightly older man who has had a poor run with relationships, one of which has left him afraid of intimacy, but under the caring loving hands of the sexy construction worker Emilio he blossoms and not only discovers the love of his life but also the close family he has never really had. Emilio is the younger man who wants something different and when he spots Spencer he discovers everything he has ever longed for.

I loved this story, it made me feel all sweet and gooey and sappy *sigh*. Spencer's and Emilio's relationship develops quickly with Emilio being sensitive enough to see Spencer's invisible scars, he is patient and supportive but he doesn't let it ruin his and Spencer's fun in the least. Spencer seems to be a very gentle soul and Emilio helps him to broaden his experiences and to give him the support he doesn't know he needs, together they make a fantastic sweet couple who you adore. This is a slight May-December relationship and it is beautifully set out even though, because Spencer is unsure of himself, Emilio takes control of their relationship more. There are instances of humor and some sappy scenes but we also get some sexy scenes and some tense scenes (Peter is an ass), but you come away from this book with a 'feel good' glow and a sappy smile fixed firmly in place.

I recommend this to those who love sweet sexy love stories, putting the past firmly in the past, some hot sexy scenes, squishing the ex and a delightful ending.