Another Way to Hide - Violet Joicey-Cowen 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Wolf shifter Jake has longed for his mate for years, being in close contact is getting harder and harder but he refuses to claim a man who is straight and has never shown any interest other than friendship. Daniel has kept his sexuality hidden from his friends and workmates as a way to hide his attraction to Jake, knowing Jake could meet his fated mate at any time. After one night together Daniel disappears and Jake begins to go feral, and when Daniel reappears will it be too late to save Jake?

This story starts somewhere around-about half way through book one [b:Alpha Second|18071937|Alpha Second (Whithowe Forest Pack, #1)|Violet Joicey-Cowen||25372010] and is from Jake's and Daniel's perspectives. Jake has known since he first met Daniel that they were mates but Daniel was seventeen so he decided to wait, but then thought Daniel was straight so has left him alone and has suffered from unrequited love. Daniel has always been attracted to Jake but understands a little about the mate business and because he doesn't want his heart ripped out at a later date, he pretends to be straight as a way to handle his attraction to Jake. When their misunderstanding is finally corrected they have more challenges ahead.

This is a pretty good paranormal story that begins to clear up the threat to the paranormals that we were introduced to in Alpha Second. Jake and Daniel make a fantastic couple once they both reveal their true feelings, they are smoking hot and super sexy. Both men have hidden their feelings for the other thinking they were protecting themselves but really they have only been hurting each other. Daniel dives into trying to discovering what information they found when they rescued the captives and Jake continues to keep everyone safe. I did enjoy this story but I could never figure out why Daniel pretended to be straight? So he wanted to throw others off his attraction to Jake, fine, but he could have done that easily enough with his true sexuality. The storyline continues with the Michaelson thread and the relocation of the rescued paranormals, and it was nice to see how they were all taken care of and the discovery of mates for some of Perry's pack.

I recommend this to those who love paranormals coming to the rescue, misunderstanding and miscommunication, hot sex, new discoveries and a great ending for Daniel and Jake.