Back To His Roots - Patrick Wendling-Markwell,  Kimber Kahn 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Jerrod (Rod) is hot stuff in Hollywood but during an award night he discovers that he isn't truly happy because of who he left behind. Live on TV he announces to the world that he is gay and is going home to find forgiveness from the boy he left behind, but he gets much more than he bargained for. Chris never really recovered from the rejection of his best friend when he admitted to being in love with him, now he protects his heart from being devastated again, but when Rod comes rolling back into town looking for forgiveness and a new start Chris doesn't think he is in a forgiving mood. Mitch is pulled back into his friends lives when Rod is injured, their friendship was always something special and now the three of them can be together like they were meant to be. But someone is lurking in the background and they have no intention of letting the three men have their happily ever after.

This is an action packed story of a man just trying to return to the ones he loves. Jerrod finds himself wanting what he walked away from and decides to do something to get it back, leaving Hollywood for his hometown he discovers it isn't going to be easy to win back the heart of the man he walked away from. Chris has moved on with his life but he will never risk his heart again, when Jerrod makes his first move it is Chris' f**k buddy who receives the first volley, and the ex has no intention of going quietly. Jerrod and Chris finally lay the past to rest but with Jerrod injured it brings Mitch back into their lives, and just as they all begin to find happiness someone decides they are going to put an end to the relationship for good.

I found this story to be filled with movie type action and excitement, it was a very interesting storyline and was filled with danger and rediscovered love. The characters are all brilliant and very happy and friendly with each other, they can also plan up a storm and enact it with skill and precision. We meet both Jerrod's and Chris' parents who are very nice and we briefly see Mitch's parents but that isn't a happy time. The relationship between Jerrod and Chris is very rocky at first but dangerous times causes them to put the past behind them. When Mitch enters the picture it is out of the left field and blindsides you, I never saw it coming because they hadn't even thought of Mitch until, suddenly, he is at the hospital and they are all over each other, he makes a great addition though and he does seem to be the missing piece for Jerrod and Chris.

Now although the storyline is exciting and we are told that the story from different peoples perspective I still wasn't prepared for when it happened, why? Well the perspective didn't just change, it was also rewound so the scene we had just seen from Jerrod's perspective was then repeated from Chris' perspective and while it was great to get another persons perspective it just seemed a bit much to repeat the entire scene.

I recommend this to those who love action, multiply men rediscovering love, shoot-outs and emergency actions, facing fears and accepting love and an ending that has you wanting more.