Master's Blood - M.D. Grimm 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and is best read in order. When agent Poe is removed from the case of searching for a missing aide and told to track down an elusive Master Shifter his suspicions of Chief Anu begin to rise higher. Unable to do anything else he sets off on what he thinks is a pointless task, but when he begins searching Sanctuary he discovers that the Knights are also there. When Poe finally comes across the Master Shifter Nordik his attraction to the shifter has him fighting to ignore it, but it's an attraction that can't be ignored. Poe has choices to make, his Chief can't be trusted and Nordik is targeted by the Knights; keeping the shifter safe becomes Poe's number one priority but can he really not complete his mission when he has never failed before?

This story is a great continuation of The Shifters series and coincides with the events in [b:Healing Minds|18046558|Healing Minds|M.D. Grimm||25326379]. We have heard Agent Poe mentioned many times in previous books and he is the Agent all aides want to be, and now, we get to witness his story as Arcas and the Knights move forward with their agenda. Poe is a brilliant character who finds himself torn between his life with the Agency and the promise of love with a shifter. It is far from an easy path that Poe is drawn to, as the Agency's policy on Agent's and relationships is clear cut but how can he choose between the love he is offered and his loyalty to the Agency? Nordik has had many mates through his long life but he has finally found his soul-mate, convincing the man of that though is nigh on impossible, but he also has to worry about the Knights in his sanctuary picking off the shifters.

I loved this story as we finally get to meet Poe properly and what drives him in his quest to help shifters, but we also discover that things are much more complicated in the background of the origin of the Knights. Poe really is an outstanding character, his loyalty to the Agency is unquestionably strong but even he isn't blind to what may be a mole in the Agency. Nordik is a Master Shifter older and nigh on impossible to kill, he has 'been there and done that' when it comes to trusting governments and their broken treaties but for the chance with Poe he will consider an alliance. Nordik and Poe certainly have their ups and downs but boy are they steamy together, with the Agency on one side and the Knights on the other it doesn't look likely that either of them will come out unscathed.

The storyline is brilliant and we begin to see changes in the Agency as the truth about Chief Anu is revealed, the characters are great as both men want to protect the other and there is plenty enough action and danger to quench a bloodthirsty gals needs. We also discover Arcas' plans are much more involved than just wiping out the shifters one by one, something is brewing in the background and it only adds to the thrill of the chase.

I recommend this to those who love powerful shifters, danger, unraveling secrets, finding love, hot explosive sex, being torn between duty and love, finding solutions and an ending that drives your imagination and curiosity through the roof.