Cast Off - K.C. Burn 3 - 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and can be read as a stand alone but is best enjoyed read in order. Rick has his life just the way he wants it, he has a successful career and he loves his after hours no-strings-attached club boy sex life. With all his friends settling down he is more determined than ever to avoid relationships, they might work for some people but not for him, so when he meets Ian he figures that his own personal rules will keep him safe and he can easily enjoy a couple of passionate nights without strings. Ian finally comes out of the closet and decides that maybe one-night stands and hook-ups are a thing of the past, now he can have a real relationship without fear of being discovered but the man he sets his sights on for more has a huge aversion to relationships. Ian works hard to were down Rick's defenses and Rick's walls start to crumble, but someone doesn't want them to be together and when Rick's secret is nearly exposed both men risk losing more than just their hearts.

This is a pretty good story that has a slight touch of mystery. Rick has a very painful past which has turned him off relationships for life, when Ian begins to crack his protective shell it takes a lot of convincing before he will give it a go. Ian has always hidden his sexuality, but when his brother Kurt ([b:Cop Out|12919441|Cop Out (Toronto Tales, #1)|K.C. Burn||18074600]) comes out it breaks something inside him, and when he finally gets his head out of his ass he begins to look for a man for himself. Both men are great together and Ian's method of wearing Rick down was very sweet and patient, they were smoking hot together but building their friendship up was a brilliant idea.

Rick is a man that you can understand after what he went through when he was younger, you can see why he avoids relationships but you really hope that Ian can break down his walls. Ian is a wonderful character who has to maneuver carefully to get the man he wants, but sometimes he does some stupid stuff. There are some misunderstandings (Ian's fault) and temper tantrums (Rick), we also see some mischief and mayhem from a jealous man who wants to destroy what Rick and Ian are building. They make a great couple as we see them during their courtship and see Rick softening and opening up to Ian.

Although I enjoyed this story I couldn't help feeling like half of it was just filling, Ian doing some really dumb ass stuff which he seems completely oblivious about, Rick storming off in huffs instead of sticking around and confronting Ian, and then the stalker and the red herring, did the story really need all of that.... no, Rick's secret was big enough without everything else thrown in.

I recommend this to those who love commitment-phobes, startling secrets, hot sex, a touch of mystery, mending bridges, discovering love and a happy ending.