Black Hurricane (Boston Boys, #3) - Erica Pike 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Jazz is working two jobs and the odd side job just to make ends meet, but this time the side job is one he really doesn't want to do.... take photographs of smash hit band 'Black Hurricane'. Nine years ago he was head over heels in love with the lead singer, Dean, but it ended badly but now at twenty-three he wants to stay clear of the boy who broke his heart. Dean is riding fame hard, but being outed hurt, now he has the opportunity to not only get back to the top but to reclaim the love he once threw away, but first he has to regain Jazz's trust.

This is a great story of trying to regain a lost love, protecting your heart and forgiveness. Jazz was left devastated by Dean's treatment of him in school, and he has never let go of the hurt all these years later. When he comes into contact with Dean again he has no interest in reconnecting and makes his feelings clear, but being offered a way to make enough money to stay in his home has Jazz accepting the offer to perform with 'Black Hurricane' all he has to do is not fall for Dean's apologies. But his feelings for Dean have never been simple and the attraction between them flares back to life and Jazz begins to hope that this time is different but overhearing a conversation between Dean and his manager splinters his world again, can Jazz give Dean the benefit of the doubt and let him explain or will he bury his heart and turn his back on love?

Dean and Jazz are brilliant, at odds characters. The attraction between them is strong but bitter resentment is still what drives Jazz, Dean doesn't quite see their relationship in school the same as Jazz does and he finds it hard to understand why Jazz doesn't forgive him quicker. For Jazz their relationship scarred him and he works hard to try to keep his distance from Dean. Working together brings them close and they begin anew until Jazz reacts badly to an overheard conversation. Both characters are great and neither is really the bad guy, both of them seeing things from their own points of view but Dean trying to make up for his callous teenage self, while Jazz tries hard to hang on to his anger and resentment.

This is a really enjoyable story where forgiveness isn't instant and rebuilding a relationship takes time. Both characters open their souls to the other and they reexamine their old relationship from both sides and although it isn't easy they begin to repair what had been shattered. The story has quite a bit of angst, some really hot moments, and some self reflection.

I recommend this to those who love fixing mistakes, rediscovering love through forgiveness, anger and love, hot sex, and finally, an ending that is filled with love.