Blood Ties - Lavinia Lewis 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Thomas has refused to love for two hundred years. The loss of his lover, Jacob, to the Drones scarred him deeply and he hasn't been able to give his heart again. Since then Thomas has swore to destroy the Drones who want to wipe out his family, the Royal vampire family, but one night his world is turned on end when he meets Daniel. Daniel won't take no for an answer and Daniel stumbles into Thomas' world of danger, but Daniel knows what he wants and he wants eternity with the vampire he loves.

This story is a pretty good vampire story of love and determination. The story starts now, as Thomas is turning his lover Daniel, we get his worry and his feelings of love for Daniel and the loving support of Thomas' family. It then goes back into the past to when Thomas and Daniel first met and the beginning of their relationship, we see how their attraction is instant but the different reactions to that attraction by the two men. Thomas pushes Daniel away, determined to keep him from his dangerous world, and Daniel is gung ho on pursuing Thomas.

We get a very good feel for the history of the war between the vampires and the Drones and the reason behind it all, we see the danger that stalks the vampires and can fully understand Thomas' reluctance to bring another lover into his world. Daniel falls into the world anyway and you admire his determination to pursue what he wants, even when he is scared. Their relationship is rocky at first but evens out when Thomas opens his heart, but, that doesn't mean it is all perfect because Daniel wants forever and Thomas still wants to keep Daniel safe from his world.

While Daniel and Thomas' relationship progresses there is still the war with the Drones going on and we see the development of that as well, the losses and how it effects the characters, the devastation and the determination to wipe out the Drones. We also get to see the end of the war in an unusual conclusion.

So I found this story to be full of action, love and worry. I am gonna have to recommend this to those who love vampires at war, finding and accepting love in trying conditions, hot sex and sweet love and a great ending.