Carlyle's Crossing - Chris Quinton 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Jubal has always been different, he has been able to see ghosts ever since he was a child but he doesn't really have a clue about his heritage, his Abenaki heritage, and he soon discovers that his gift is much more important than he thought. A letter from a lawyer and a persistent spirit has Jubal and his best friend, Sal, heading for Whitewater and answers and they discover a family history and an old man with an obsession. Sal is just along for the ride, his relationship with Jubal has always been more than friendship but it deepens further as Sal stands by Jubal's side, as Jubal tries to drive away the darkness which clings to Whitewater because of an old man who wants his wife returned to him.

This is a great paranormal story that blends the Native American's and First Nation's into protectors of the flow between the spirit world and the living world. Jubal is drawn back to his father's birth place when a letter, an accident and a break in seem to be too much of a coincidence. Sal and Jubal set off to discover what is going on and they go from f**k buddies to admitting their feelings for each other as they try to discover just what Jubal is supposed to do with the ancient knife his father had hidden. Jubal doesn't know who he can trust, but knowing Sal is there for him as he unravels the cryptic messages from his long deceased ancestor means more to him than anything.

Jubal and Sal make a brilliant couple, they have been friends since they were young boys and f**k buddies for a number of years but neither man has ever admitted to wanting more, until a journey to Whitewater brings them closer together than ever. The storyline is great although you are as much in the dark as Jubal, you can piece together what is going on quite well. We see the story unfold and characters come in to play at a good pace and we do get one or two surprises along the way. The spiritual aspect of the story is great and the spirits are colorful characters, the easy acceptance of Jubal's gift is wonderful but even Jubal and Sal become uneasy in Whitewater.

I recommend this to those who love spirits, grief stricken old men, fighting the undesirable blackness, great characters, danger, discovering love, hot sex and a great confrontation and ending.