Shirewode - J. Tullos Hennig 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Robyn Hood is making the nobles pay where it hurts most, in their pockets and their dignity, Robyn and his band of outlaws harry the nobles until the nobles turn to the Templar's for aid... where Robyn will face his greatest challenge. Guy of Gisbourne is back from the Crusades with his fellow Templar's, when he is given the task of hunting the wolfshead who has claimed the Shirewode as his own, Guy has his own personal reasons to halt the outlaw... but he discovers far more than he bargained for. Marion is in Nottingham with the Abbess lost to all that once was, but meeting the Templar she discovers just who she is and what she once was... and the vengeance beating in her heart.

At the end of [b:Greenwode|17295799|Greenwode|J Tullos Hennig||23585573] we saw how three youths lives were ripped apart, the bloody massacre that destroyed all that they loved and the fates that each were left to. Now they are 3 years older and the time has come for them to reunite. Robyn was born of Rob, he is the avatar of the Horned Lord and bids his time for his revenge, unable to forget all he lost. Robyn does what he can for those of Shirewode and now the final battle is about to begin when the Templar returns to England. Guy was born of Gamelyn, a man who has forged himself in battle and never looks back refusing to remember what he lost and burying the boy he was. Guy does Templar justice but now the time has come to face the past. Marion has been lost to herself for over three years, terrifying nightmares are all that linger of the past. Marion is about to awaken.

This is an absolutely fantastic story that weaves history and folklore into a wonderful tale that has danger, heartbreak and faint hope. We see what has become of our three young people after the night that tore them apart, we see how each of them have continued with life. As we progress through the story we discover that Robyn hasn't changed all that much but the scars linger deep. With Guy, we find that he is completely different to the Gamelyn we took to our hearts, and is now a man who is hardened by battle and has buried his heart. With Marion we discover a lost soul who will enact vengeance once her memory is returned to her.

The dance we see through this story of both Robyn and Guy is fascinating, just what will become of them as they face each other as enemies? Will they ever rediscover their friendship and love? Or has the past forged them into foes forever? We fall headfirst back into this incredible story as [a:J Tullos Hennig|5827280|J Tullos Hennig|] weaves the incredible Robin Hood folklore with the Greenman, bringing the Templar's into play and making an incredible story come to life. We see danger and death, regret and hope, lost dreams and new beginnings and every step of the way we see the internal conflict of both Robyn and Guy. The lengths these young people go to when faced with insurmountable odds is daunting, but with the backing of the Horned God and the Lady they all might live to see another day.

I recommend this to those who love historical's mixed with legends, conflict and hope, reemerging feelings, justice, vengeance and the reuniting of a couple which is far from smooth sailing.