Ladders - Hurri Cosmo 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Rhys lives in underground Winderport with his gang Fury, they all know that there is a world above them that they have heard stories about but never do they ever expect to leave the underground. When one of his gang, Joey, is murdered Rhys is on the trail of the killer all the way up to above Winderport, where the killer has a meeting with a mysterious man. But Rhys has an accident and forgets everything, all he has to go on is a flash of memory of fat fingers and some pictures of a sexy man. When he meets Kullian he can't fight the attraction but he has to regain his memories as he knows there is something important he has to do.

This is a great story set some time in the future where the underground tunnels has it's own civilization and the above world is run by powerful men. Rhys is the leader of his gang, a small group of guys who are like family, but now one of their own has been murdered and Rhys is determined to make the killer pay. Kullian is a Fey Baron, a self made powerful man, and somebody has stolen something that should never fall into anyone's hands and he wants it back. The two men cross paths and their worlds collide but can their attraction really breach the divide of above and underground Winderport?

Rhys and Kullian are both great characters who come together by chance, Rhys is looking for the murderer of his friend and Kullian wants back what was stolen. Their paths cross and their reaction to each other is instant, but Rhys' memory loss is hampering him and after an amazing night with Kullian he attempts to go on the hunt again. While the story is playing out above ground, we also see what is happening underground with Rhys' gang and their desperation to find Rhys but they also have to deal with a rival gang boss who has a grudge against Rhys. The gang characters Teneff, Pylei, Nerin, Westvil and Guneal are wonderfully written and add a lot to the story, enriching the storyline and helping to connect the threads together.

I recommend this to those who love futuristic stories, great characters, a well woven plot, a great storyline with danger, twists and tense situations, a fast developing relationship, hot sex and a great ending.