Haywire - A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Jack is living a nightmare, his husband (Dex) and son (Nicky) have returned from an amusement ride but they are not his husband and son… but soon he begins to question his sanity as the evidence mounts up that they are in fact Dex and Nicky. Why has this happened to him? Where are the real Dex and Nicky? And why is he so attracted to the new Dex?

Okay, so yeah… I mean wow, but damn this is a book that raised the hair on my neck. Jack falls into a situation that nobody could ever dream of, two complete strangers declare that they are his husband and son and the real ones are nowhere to be found. What is even worse is Jack’s mom and dad are convinced they are Dex and Nicky, and then there are all the photos, just how did they manage to do that? Is Jack losing his mind or is there really something more sinister going on?

Okay now this is a difficult review to write because I really don’t want to give anything away, but other than what I have wrote above anything else would give you hints and clues, and well, I think you should go in blind and get the full experience of confusion, doubts and fear as Jack experiences it. I am not even going to cover the second half of the book because that’s where everything becomes clear. Dex and Nicky have been replaced, but have they? You actually begin to think that Jack has lost it, but inconsistencies crop up but then there is Jack’s parents to consider and you think why would they do that to their son? They wouldn’t… or would they?

This story bounces you back and forth between thinking Jack’s lost his mind, and there is a conspiracy going on, it keeps you unstable for some time before it begins to unravel its secrets for you, and honey they are whoppers. The situation between Jack and the ‘new’ Dex is interesting, Jack is certain ‘Dex’ isn’t his husband but can’t fight his reaction to him so there are hot sex scenes between them, but Jack really doesn’t trust ‘Dex’ and finds it hard to interact with the new ‘Nicky’.

So I recommend this book if you like science fiction, government secrets, running for your lives, dodging… (Read the book!), a surprise that will shock (I never saw it coming *the first bit I suspected, the second bit nuh-uh*) and hot sex, with mystery, confusion and a kinda happy ending for two broken men.