Iron and Ether - Augusta Li 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Sasha has always completed his orders from the Order of the Crimson Scythe, but when he choose the love of Yarrow and Duncan and let Prince Garith live he was marked and is now hunted by those he called family. Yarrow and Duncan are determined to put a stop to the Crimson Scythe in any way they can to make them leave Sasha alone but the outcome is not what they expected. As Sasha, Yarrow and Duncan plan against the Crimson Scythe Garith has far more worrying concerns as the Thirteen Goddesses priestess turn against him and foreign invaders make war on his kingdom shores.

Holy crap! This series is really beginning to heat up and throw us curve balls all over the place and making us wonder what on Earth could be coming next. As I write this review I wonder what I could tell you that wouldn't ruin the fun of discovery and I have to admit that it is pretty little. If you have been following this epic journey with me then you will know that anything is possible in Yarrow, Duncan and Sasha's world and if you haven't then you really need to do yourself a favor and go get the previous books [b:Ash and Echoes|15717168|Ash and Echoes (Blessed Epoch, #1)|Augusta Li||21363720] and [b:Ice and Embers|17565827|Ice and Embers (Blessed Epoch, #2)|Augusta Li||24500850].

The blurb really does describe this book pretty well but it leaves out a lot of surprises that leave you open mouthed, and all I can say is I wonder what [a:Augusta Li|2872255|Augusta Li|] has in stock for Duncan because Sasha's was a doozy. While I won't go into the precise details (read the book) or really even the vague details (read the book) :-) I will just cover what is in the blurb. Sasha, Duncan and Yarrow make plans to get the Crimson Scythe to back off, they have Corbin (mage assassin) assisting to locate the leaders but it is much harder to locate them than originally thought. Garith is facing heavy opposition from the priestesses and when war comes to his shore he has to make harsh decisions, he also becomes much closer with his bodyguard Sander on a journey to slay a beast in the hopes of saving his queen and child.

Hmmm what else can I tell you... well, we see Sai (Yarrow's Emiri friend) who plays a pivotal role in this adventure, we have surprises and shocks, gauntlets being thrown down and stomped on. We see allegiances developing and friendships forged, we have love that is stronger than the will of the gods and we have a burning need for the truth that is festering. There are scenes of epic battle, epic bloodbaths, epic magic and epic sex but with Yarrow, Duncan and Sasha can you really say you are surprised?

I have to recommend this story if you love high fantasy, epic storylines, fantastic characters, love and loss, hard times and lives lost, glimpses of happiness and hope and an ending that lets you know there is still more to come.