Memorizing You - Dan Skinner Reviewed by Gigi

4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This is a coming of age story with many turns and twists. I read this story feeling like I got an honest view of what it was like to discover your sexuality as a gay man in the late sixties. There was fear, hate, bigotry, and hiding, but through it, all there was also beauty, acceptance, joy, and true love. There are many painful parts of this story, and it’s that pain that makes me feel this is real. There’s not a perfect ending, but there is plenty of heart-lifting joy and hope. I also can’t say enough about the characters! Ryan, who on the outside was supposed to create the facade of typical jock, is anything but. He’s passionate, he loves his gardening, and to see things grow and thrive, and he’s poetic. I mean to say that the letters and conversations he has with David in this story make me misty-eyed and contemplative. And I can completely relate to Rosemary, having a similar experience in life, and the way she turns that unrequited love into a great friendship. There are parts of this story that my gushy heart would have wanted written differently, but bottom line, life isn’t that way. You can’t just rewrite the ugly parts; it’s what makes us who we are. The one shining theme that sticks with me way after finishing this book is that yes, there are lots of ugly parts in life, but we need to see the beauty of what it provides too. Memorize that beauty, bathe yourself in it, and hold it up as your standard. Use love and beauty to conquer hate, fear, and ugliness. And yes, even after tragedy, keep on truckin’ through life; you never know when that second chance will hit. This is a wonderful book, a time warp, and a great message. Read it. You won’t regret it.