Young Pim And The Goblins

Young Pim And The Goblins - Corey Michael Smithson 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Young Pim was sold into slavery at birth since then he has been trained to withstand pain and torture for the future use of his owner, it is a life that all the boys at Buttertub are facing. Young Pim follows a rat one day and finds a secret door to the outside, fleeing from his future he finds himself falling into the hands of the Goblins. Living with the Goblins Young Pim learns the meaning of family, love and glimmering hope, but his escape has set in motion a turn of events that will change not just the Goblin’s destruction but also the destruction of the known society of the humans.

This is a dark fantasy that digs deep into how easily societies can rise and fall and how just one or two people can create change that can cause the destruction of a way of life. In this fantasy world there are three Great Houses that control the land, Buttertub, Barnaby and Crugghaberra and each are as cruel as the last, Young Pim escaping has repercussions that are far reaching. Young Pim’s adventure takes him deep into the bowls of the mountain seeing incredible creatures, making wonderful friends and facing devastating enemies.

Although this story isn’t a typical M/M there is a childlike innocent love which develops between Young Pim and Young Jym (a broken boy). This story follows Young Pim on his journey, it is a difficult path that he finds himself on with many obstacles and with some joy, danger and loss. There are many wonderful creatures that we come across, a community that pulls together welcoming those that find their haven, but there are also horrors that we come across, depravity and unnecessary suffering and a talking sorcerer rat. This story isn’t for those that are faint of heart, it is dark, dangerous with many pitfalls, there is little true joy and it doesn’t have a miraculous happy ending.

This is a well written story that pulls you into a fantasy world that will make you cringe in places, the settings that are described come alive in your mind and there are characters that you cheer for and characters that you take joy in their destruction no matter how grisly the demise. Corey Michael Smithson has created a world that brings you the best and worst of civilisation and he also brings a world where sometimes there just is no happily ever after.

I have to recommend this to those who love dark fantasy, adventure, cruel characters, wonderful characters and an ending that leaves you wondering what might be next.