Blood-Mark The Black Tigress Episode 1 Ghosts (Dimenlien Chronicles, #1)

Blood-Mark The Black Tigress Episode 1 Ghosts (Dimenlien Chronicles, #1) - Myristica 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Kevin meets Vic again when he is attacked in a parking garage, they had met briefly years earlier, and Kevin has an instant attraction to Vic and soon discovers the attraction is mutual. Kevin offers Vic a job in his investigation agency, Vic wants to accept but first he has a secret to admit to Kevin. Thomas Hampton is the lead vampire in Sapphire Ridge and he suspects that Arina has escaped from her prison, now she is coming for him but is also wrecking vengeance across the city. There’s only one way to bring her to heel and Thomas needs Jonathan to do it, but Jonathan has hidden from the vampires for years ever since his lover’s life was taken by Veritan. To make matters more interesting Kevin’s new lover Vic is the spitting image of Jonathan’s lost love and Thomas will use whatever means he has to, to gain the bait that he needs.

This is a great beginning to a great new serial where some humans and paranormals clash. We begin the serial getting to know the characters and the parts that they slot into, the foundation on which the serial is built on and the beginning of what looks to be an interesting and compelling storyline. Each character that we visit plays an integral part in the story, the build up for what is to come in future episodes and showing us the beginnings of relationships and friendships. There are different character perspectives and they do change from scene to scene, but it is quite well done so you never really lose the thread of what is happening, it is trying to show you the characters involved and what is happening to them.

I really enjoyed this instalment and how it builds the world around us as we read, introducing us to the interesting characters and giving us a background that is built upon as we go through the story. Kevin and Vic are just beginning a relationship in this first instalment, we get the background story on Kevin and Vic slots in some details as he makes a confession. Jonathan is shrouded in mystery and we get hints that something in his past haunts him, as we progress we discover what it is and the lasting effects it has on him. Thomas is someone that you think quite kindly about at first, but then he reveals his not so nice nature later and he begins to give you the creeps.

I have to admit that I was just a bit disappointed with the blurb because it has revealed details that haven’t appeared in this instalment, it has whetted my appetite for the future books though. The characters are really good and we do get to know a bit about them, I have a feeling more details will be revealed in the future as the story is more padded out and expanded on. The storyline is really good and drew me in quite quickly, you have paranormals who hide from the humans and a few humans who know about them, but you also have politics going on in the paranormal world with political manoeuvring, side stepping and veiled threats.

I will recommend this to those who love serial paranormal fiction, vampires, humans being dragged into the paranormal world, bloodshed, secrets being revealed and a budding new relationship.