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The Landing by Talia R Blackwood

The Landing - Talia R. Blackwood

3 1/2 - 4 Hearts


Apocalypse 02


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This book is part of a series and can be read in any order. Adrian has just received the worst news of his life but he forges on only to discover that what had happened before was just a blip compared to what he now faces. Forced to make an emergency landing Adrian lands in what only can be hell, the world is no longer the same but Adrian's responsibilities to his passengers means he has to make a sacrifice... of himself. Paul Mendoza is a convict who finds himself following an evil child serial killer when the prison they are held in crumbles around them, but taking the pilot as his slave has him rethinking his position. Despite the life Mendoza has led Adrian is convinced that there is some good in the man, but getting him away from Ghost, the leader of the criminals, proves to be much more dangerous than either of them thought.
So for those of you who read The Event this book runs parallel and ends just before the two groups meet up. We see the full circumstances that we only heard a bit about and meet the people who survived the plane crash landing and the vile criminals who haunt their area. Adrian is the man who we follow from the beginning, he receives bad news and sees his hopes and dreams being shattered, but finding himself in a emergency situation he proves to himself that he can be the man that is needed in an emergency. Being taken prisoner has him still believing in his dreams and for what he will face he has to cling to his dreams to survive. Mendoza believes firmly that he doesn't deserve redemption but fighting Adrian's dreams and trying to shatter them doesn't work and Mendoza is soon beginning to believe himself. 
We discover the horrors that still exist from the human world, the vileness that managed to survive and is determined to rule the world with darkness, trying to gather together the dark ones who also revel in pain and destruction. Adrian and Mendoza aren't the only characters that we want to meet, we discover Black Rose and Serpent who aren't as bad as they seem and Ian a doctor who was on his way to meet other survivors. And then we have some characters who we want to wash ourselves clean after we meet them like Ghost who is vile and a mysterious young man (who we also met in The Event) who seems to thrive on lost hope.
This is one of those stories that you can't easily peg, because the criminal element changes the basic survival needs, it also adds a darker element to the sexual aspects of the story as there are some scenes of reluctant sexual contact. The scenes between Adrian and Mendoza are darkly hot and they really work together, with Adrian making Mendoza face the future and not the past. There are some scenes of violence and at times even knowing the final outcome (if you read The Event that is) you wonder if they will get away alive. The setting that we are given lets us know of the bleakness that surrounds the characters and it lets us know the fear they are going through, the story is perfectly written and I can't wait to see whose story is next. 
I recommend this to those who love surviving the Apocalypse, finding love in dangerous situations, working towards redemption and an ending that is happy for now with hope for the future. 

Corey by Toni Griffin

Corey - Toni Griffin

3 Hearts


The Atherton Pack 03


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Ethan has been in the Atherton pack for only a short time, he has hopes of finding his dream in the future but is happy for the time being and then his dream walks through the door. Corey has had his heart broken in the past and has no intention of falling in love again but fighting the mating pull is harder than he thought especially when his mate is pulling out all the stops to woo him. Ethan knows that they can be blissfully happy together but first he has to convince Corey to give him a chance, even when it seems that fate is putting obstacles in their path. 
So we meet two head strong shifters who are both determined to have their own way, it makes for an interesting story with some heart searching but with little angst. Ethan has been alone for many years and has only ever wanted his own family, he looks forward to the day he will meet his mate and is so happy when he finds him in his new pack. Corey doesn't want to find love again, his last attempt left him heartbroken and he knows he wouldn't survive another failed relationship, so when he meets his mate he does everything in his power to ignore the man even as his wolf strains his control. When the two men come to an agreement it is with hope on one side and doubt on the other. 
I did enjoy this story and loved the dance between Corey and Ethan as they both try to get their own way, the story really is mainly about their relationship dance and the gaining of trust, but, it also has Tommy and Ben as they come to the end of their pregnancy. While I liked both Corey and Ethan I found Ethan to be too confident and aggressive in his pursuit of Corey, yes they were mates and Corey was trying to deny their bond but Ethan overrode what Corey wanted and, to me, became creepy in his pursuit. Corey is heart sore and doesn't trust that he won't be hurt again so you can understand him being wary even with his fated mate, there should a been a gentle courtship (yes Ethan did know why Corey was wary) to suit the situation. 
There's lots of sexual tension and some humorous situations, we also see some diva action from Tommy and Ben losing it, the threat that comes to the pack doesn't seem to be that bad in the grand scheme of things but carelessness could bring deep trouble. 
I recommend this if you enjoy shifters finding their true mates and having to work for it, learning to be patient and accepting what you can get, accepting love and opening your heart, and giving the man you come to love a chance. 

Shock & Awe by Abigail Roux (With contest)

Shock & Awe  - Abigail Roux

4 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Sidewinders 01


This story & series is a spin-off from the Cut & Run series and the timeline starts just after the events inTouch & Geaux. Ah oh yippee!! It’s time for Nick to find the beginning of his ever after and it comes from a very surprising direction! With Kelly still recovering from his injuries Nick accompanies him home to take care of him, but Nick gets a surprise when Kelly asks for a kiss. Kelly knows Nick better than he has ever known any of his ex’s and after Nick’s confession to the Sidewinder team Kelly finds himself examining what he feels for his teammate, hoping to satisfy his curiosity he asks for a kiss and gets much more than he bargained for. Just as they begin to figure things out the past comes knocking at their door.


So we get a brief look into the Sidewider team from the perspective of Nick and Kelly and we see a change in their relationship that can only be for the better. We see both men examining what they really feel for the other man and accepting that their feelings might be more than just the feelings of a comrade in arms or even brothers, they embrace the change between them with loads of sweaty sex but they hold back slightly from fully admitting the full extent of their feelings.


This story is a great look into the men that Ty calls friends, we see the loyalty they have for each other and the easy friendship they have even before they take it further.

The story also connects to the ending in Touch & Geaux with a visit from the marines with us seeing what happens with Kelly and Nick, we also get to catch up with Ty and Zane briefly at the airport where Nick has to fast talking to do. In the bonus story Bait & Switch we meet up with Zane, Nick and Kelly when Nick is in the States for a flying visit, it is some time after Shock & Awe and we learn some details into what is happening to everyone and we see Nick and Kelly come to an agreement about their relationship.


Now I have got all that out of the way just let me express myself…. *squeal, happy dance, joyful jig, whoop* oh god it was soooooo good to see Nick get his happy going with Kelly and damn but they were hot! I loved this story for giving us a look at the Sidewinder guys and for giving us a peek into what was going on with Ty and Zane without giving much away. I loved how easily Kelly and Nick fell together but still held back a little and then when they finally have their heart to heart and admit what they really want from each other *sigh* it was so sweet edged with a touch of angst.


I recommend this to those who love men going after what they want, friends becoming lovers, admitting what you really want and grabbing hold of love with both hands.


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Sparks & Drops by Susan Laine

Sparks & Drops - Susan Laine

2 1/2 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Gus is the owner of Four Corners' occult shop and is intrigued by a new browsing customer, sharing information about the Wicca practice, Gus soon learns that Niall is a private investigator looking into the disappearance of a local witch and Gus soon finds himself helping the PI with his investigation. Niall is good at what he does but first he needs to learn what he can about the circles that Joy (the missing witch) moved in, finding himself with an assistant Niall soon finds himself on the outskirts of a murder investigation as Joy's friends are being picked off one by one. Niall & Gus soon find themselves heading for unknown danger and their friendship is quickly turning into something more, but they both have to survive and solve the case before they can see where their friendship is going.
Okay so I wasn't too impressed with this story and I think that was all down to Gus, because I took a dislike to him early on. Niall is hired to find a missing woman and his trail leads him to Gus' shop, Gus finds himself drawn to Niall and ends up offering to help him navigate the Wicca world. Together they investigate and find themselves in the middle of something that they never saw coming. Niall is very open minded as he learns the different practices and at first welcomes Gus' help but then as the case becomes serious he wants Gus to step back but Gus has his own idea's. Gus is very accepting of everything except when he feels someone is disparaging his chosen religion, he is also head strong so when Niall tells him to step back Gus has no intention of leaving the case alone.     
Niall was my favorite character because he truly was open minded about what he learned and saw, he was also very patient and pretty easy going. Gus said he was open minded but the second someone (usually Niall) said something he didn't agree with he would start preaching and lecturing, he also saw attacks on his religion where none were. The case is interesting but slightly bizarre, especially with the way that things progress, as in the culprit and the reason behind the murders, I could only surmise that the culprit was a complete psychopath!
Learning about the Wicca practice was interesting and I never knew there were so many different traditions but you can clearly see the research Susan Laine has put into this book. The secondary characters were well written and really added to the story. I did enjoy the story and liked how it progressed, I liked that Gus and Niall are at the very start of their relationship and we see them as they work around the case and their attraction, but as I said earlier the reason of the mystery was kind of senseless and I really disliked Gus. 
I recommend this to those who love Wicca mystery stories, solving murders, tearing head first into danger, seeing the beginning of a new relationship and a happy ending. 

The One by Hurri Cosmo

The One - Hurri Cosmo

4 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Hunter is a warrior and a great swordsman but he has dreams that foretell tragedy. When a Quest Gathering is called to find the 'one' who will save the kingdom, Hunter is eager to participate when he discovers the Seer is at the castle, maybe his disturbing dreams are connected to the horror the seer has foreseen. But the Seer disappears and Hunter sets off on his own quest to find the Seer but his friend/adversary Tome is determined to be the best and handcuffs himself to Hunter. Tome has more reasons to shackle himself to Hunter and is determined to finally shatter Hunter's shell, so helping Hunter to save the world seems like a good idea but Tome and Hunter face a horror that just might be the death of them both.
This is a great little fantasy adventure that is a smooth read and easy to enjoy. Hunter and Tome have known each other for years but have never quite been friends, Tome is determined to change that but Hunter can't quite forget the past that colors his feelings. As the two set out on the adventure together Tome finally cracks Hunter's carefully crafted shell and Hunter finally accepts the feelings that Tome invokes in him. Together they face an adversary that they never expected and their relationship is changed forever.
I really enjoyed this story for it's interesting storyline and for it's simplistic setting, the world is written simply without too much information or too many characters to bog the story down. Both Hunter and Tome are interesting men, when the story starts out they both seem to be friendly adversary's but it soon becomes apparent that there is a lot more to their relationship, a lot of which is based in the past. The story is all from Hunter's perspective but we get a great feel for Tome, we see how Hunter works through his feelings and the worry he has over the role he has set himself. Tome is much simpler to watch, he wants Hunter to be his and is aggressive in his pursuit, which is fun to watch, both characters can be a bit arrogant at times but they fit the storyline perfectly.
The storyline is great and you pick up what is happening easily, you get a good idea of who the baddie is and we see things connect together well, so it leaves you in no doubt that the plotting within the story has been going on for some time. The development of Hunter's and Tome's relationship is kinda sweet and heats up pretty well, there is also a slight D/s element that sneaks in from nowhere and surprises as both characters seem quite dominant but it adds a little spice. The adventure is pretty tame but the actual foes that are being fought are sneaky and eerie and the conclusion of the story is exciting.
I recommend this to those that love fantasy adventure, great characters, a slightly twisty storyline and a blossoming love.   

Heart of the Oak by Rory Ni Coileain

Heart of the Oak - Rory Ni Coileain

3 1/2 - 4 Hearts


ARC Provided by Ellora's Cave


Reviewed for MM Good Book Reviews


Trevor is visiting the Isle of Skye as a way to find peace from his oppressive and homophobic family, his lonely life is wearing him down and he is looking for a connection in the land that his family left many years before. A night under an old oak tree gives Trevor a glimpse of true happiness but before he can find true peace he has to throw off the concerns of what other people think. Darach has been sleeping for centuries, with the return of the magick Darach and his darag awaken to a new time and a man who manages to steal Darach's heart. But can they both put aside their fears to bask in their scorching desire and love?
This is a wonderful whimsical feeling story that is infused with passion with a twist of angst. Trevor is returning to his family roots to visit distant family and to get away from his oppressive life, a life where he has to hide his true self. Beneath an oak tree he discovers a mysterious man who gives him a night of passion and a longing for so much more. Darach has just awoken from a long sleep and the human under his tree calls to him, Darach discovers that Trevor has done something that no one, human or otherwise, has ever done before, he has forged a connection that Darach has never experienced before.
We fall into a story that has longing, yearning, want and need, it drags us into a world that is whimsical yet passionate and has two men who find what they have always wanted, but who have insecurities that could tear them apart. Trevor is a man who longs for what he wants but doesn't think he will get it and when he does he becomes scared because the man he falls for isn't a man from his world. Darach is a tree spirit tied to the magick of his oak tree, Trevor becomes his dream so very easily and Darach begins to feel things he has never felt before and it has Darach believing himself a fool when Trevor runs from his fears. 
This was a very easy story to be enraptured with, I was pulled along by the whimsical feel and mysterious dreamlike quality of the story. Both characters made me want to know more about them and what they had been through in the past, when they came together for the first time it was passionate and explosive and had me wanting more from them. The writing is wonderful, giving you the whole incredible story without being too whimsical or too angsty but giving you plenty of passion and longing. 
I recommend this to those who love paranormal based on the old world tales, characters who have longings for something more, incredible passionate sex, some angst, forgiveness and finding a place to call home. 

The Demon's Blood by R.J. Scott

The Demon's Blood - RJ Scott

3 1/2 - 4 Hearts


Supernatural Bounty Hunters 04


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This book is part of a series and must be read in order. Simeon is a mountain lion shifter and part of the Underground working to break the choke-hold that the Glitnir councils has on all paranormals, when he meets Asher, the half blood demon, his attraction for the sexy blood demon flairs. Asher is a blood demon and is a slave and a warrior, he keeps his family connections secret. When his half brother Phin asks for his help he doesn't know if he can take the chance, especially when he has an annoying mountain lion shifter with him. Together Simeon and Asher have to convince the mountain lion guild to join them against the elves who are trying to take over the throne, and to give the blood demons their freedom. But will Asher's and Simeon's attraction prove to be a distraction from what is important to the Underground and the freedom of the paranormals?
Well, well, well, we go further afield in this addition to the Supernatural Bounty Hunters series by entering the Second Kingdom and discovering just how far the Giltnir council rot has spread. Simeon is a character that has you wondering if he ever cared about anything other than his problems because his complete disregard when he first meets Asher has you wanting to slap him, but he does redeem himself quite nicely. Asher has every right to be aloof, with the fear of what could happen if anyone ever discovered who his father is hovering over his head and the treatment of Blood demons, it is no wonder that he tries to keep Simeon at arms length.
We see some changes beginning in this story and the progression of the overall storyline throughout the series is moving forward at a very nice pace, the threads connecting the different species is getting stronger and the Underground movement is gaining force. With this story we have some exciting developments that effect both Simeon and Asher, we see a desperate attempt to stop an usurper from taking over the Elven throne and the Felines are pushed to action, but the best thing in this story has to be their relationship that starts out rocky, but it won't be denied.  
Both Asher and Simeon are great characters and their relationship moves quickly, it's also very hot with both characters being passionate. The writing is good and flows pretty smoothly and we see characters from previous books so we can see how they are doing and the strain that their revolution is having on them. I must admit to enjoying this story and the way it is progressing, it is opening up further to include a wider range of species, drawing them together for a better future. 
I recommend this story to those who love the paranormal in all it's variety, great characters who make you react, a brilliant storyline that has far to go and a love that stands through danger and change and a great ending. 

In Liam's Wake by Ashlyn Forge

In Liam's Wake: The Makeshift Soldier (Toys and Soldiers) - Ashlyn Forge

4 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Liam was unwillingly brought to 'The Colony' with his now best friend Riley eight years ago. Now stuck underground his only hope of a way out is if Riley wakes up from his five year coma, but although he clings to his hopes of returning to the 'Outside' he has the opportunity to improve his lot by joining the Elete soldiers. Can he give up his dreams of returning home or should he throw the security away on the small hope that there really is a way out?


This story has a very dystopian feel to it, leaving you feeling like we are reading about an all new world or about survival after an apocalypse, but it isn't, it is a secret land that is whispered about in legends... Atlantis, Shangri la or Avalon but it is far from the paradise that we dream about. Liam and Riley were dragged to 'The Colony' against their will, they were forgot about then left to fend for themselves, now several years later Liam looks after Riley as best he can, but Liam's habit of gambling against the odds always backfires. When Riley wakes up from his five years coma unable to remember much of anything, Liam's hopes of a way out begins to fade and he becomes desperate.


This is a great story that is very involved and has many mystery connections, there are many interesting aspects that we discover the longer we read and the characters are interesting and varied. Liam is a dreamer, he dreams of returning to New York and his life and refuses to accept the life he now has, he has the opportunity of a lifetime but his dreams are too much to let go of. Riley is messed up he can't remember much and Liam is nothing like the Liam he remembers, as time progresses he himself begins to change and there is a huge mystery surrounding him.


Although this is a great story, I did wish there was some explanation to explain 'The Colony' rather than the clues that were dropped through out the book. I found myself struggling with the setting until I figured out they were on Earth but in a secret underground world, with very rare people. This is a brilliant storyline that you will leave you both frustrated and desperate for more, you will love and hate the characters as we follow them through the difficulties they face and the difficulties they bring on themselves. We see many story threads that are just at the beginning but we do get a sweet though awkward relationship between Liam and Riley.


I recommend this story if you love science fiction and legends merging, fighting for your freedom against the odds, finally accepting your place in the world, a honest sweet love and an twisty ending that raises the eyebrows in surprise.


Bone Rider by J. Fally

Bone Rider - J. Fally

4 1/2 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Well this story was an absolute pleasure to read. A sexy cowboy, a deadly Russian assassin and a sentient alien armor and weapons system take us on an exciting adventure with explosions, gun fights and desperate escapes that keep you gripped to the story. When McClane accidentally causes the spaceship he is on to crash he needs to find a host body to survive and who could be better than cowboy Riley, who just happens to be on the run from his ex-boyfriend Misha, a Russian mob enforcer. While Riley is on the run hiding from Misha, McClane is running from the US Government's military and while Riley and McClane come to an understanding, Misha and the military are hot on their heels. Misha just wants his man back, yes he hid a part of himself but his feelings for Riley were genuine, now if he can just find his sexy cowboy he can convince him of how he feels. 
Ah I have to say that I loved every page of this story, it had my attention from the first page and held on with a death grip until the last page. This story gave me danger and excitement that just kept coming and coming, it gave me a wonderful love story that didn't follow an easy path and it gave me brilliant characters who wormed their way into my heart like McClane wormed his way into Riley's. I really don't know where to begin because there were that many aspects that I loved, should I start with the characters McClane (can I call him a character.... or a symbiotic alien metallic entity?), Riley and Misha and how each of them are completely different but fit perfectly together? Or the brilliant military campaign to find the missing alien, after they screwed up first contact? Or the relationship that broke under the strain of the truth, but the love that still holds strong? Or the strange relationship that develops between alien and cowboy? There's just so much to choose from and I haven't even taken into account the Russian mob or the survivalists!
McClane is a unique being that is remarkably alive, he is wrote in such a way that he becomes a unique individual with his own characteristics including both sarcasm and humor. And even though the only time we get a glimpse of McClane is from within Riley, you clearly see him as a character in his own right. Misha is a great assassin and he will do anything to get Riley back in his life, he adores Riley and it shows through in his actions. Riley is just an honest man and when confronted with the truth of Misha's life he ran, but that doesn't make his feelings go away. Together McClane, Riley and Misha have to face down adversaries and make sacrifices if they are to come out alive. 
While this story is mainly from Riley's, Misha's and McClane's point of view we are also treated to the points of view of the military officers, and one of Misha's friends, we get a clear view of the overall story so we are never left guessing, although you still get a few surprises along the way. The action and adventure was just perfect, while over the top a little it still managed to fit perfectly with what you would imagine if this was an action movie. *sigh* This would be so cool on the big screen. We also get some very hot sexing with McClane being a very active participant and Misha and Riley both being very open minded. 
I have to recommend this to those who love science fiction, alien hunting military, an assassin looking for his lover, a cowboy being in the wrong place at the right time and an alien entity that just wants to survive.... oh and if you like Die Hard type of action and an impressive final confrontation.  

More Than Everything by Cardeno C.

More Than Everything (Family #3) - Cardeno C.

4 Hearts


Family series 03


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. Charlie (Chase) is just a teenager when he falls head over heels in love for the first time, and when Scott finally admits he feels the same Charlie thinks his dreams have come true. But, Scott transfers to another college to be closer to his new little sister promising to return but he never comes back. Years later Chase meets another man who captures his heart and Chase has high hopes, but those hopes are quashed when Adan shows his true colors by refusing to be open about their relationship. Things change for Charlie/Chase years later when he inherits new responsibilities and both Scott and Adan walk back into his life, time might heal wounds but when the loves of your life find love with each other and say that they both want you, the trust is hard to rebuild.


Cardeno C. hits the spot yet again with this new addition to the Family series, raising the heat level by giving us three hot men and a tricky love story, which has heartbreak and forgiveness. This is a wonderfully written story that has you leaving the comfort of a gentle sappy love story and plundering your emotions as we are taken on a whirlwind rollercoaster of Charlie’s love life. The story is written mainly from Charlie’s point of view, its a scrapbook of his life with him explaining each section and retelling what happened as though we are there watching. We also get Scott and Adan’s point of view during certain times and it helps us to connect to them and understand why they did the things they did, we also see clearly that they never stopped loving Charlie. 


During this story you will be pulled in all directions, we feel the loss as Charlie loses his first love to distance and time, and then his devastation as he realizes his second love wasn’t what he first thought. We feel his love for two men that always lingers in his heart, then we feel his confusion and breathtaking heartache when he sees his two ex loves together and in love. We follow along as both Scott and Adan try to get Charlie to let down his walls to let them in, to accept the love that they still both feel for him and to regain the trust that they both trampled. The characters are perfectly written with each one having their own unique personality, they bring out the best in each other, what one lacks another makes up for. 


This is a beautifully written story and a pure joy to read, the blending of a ménage relationship where they just slot together and become a whole was just perfect. I loved that Scott and Adan recognized that while their relationship was a happy one they still had something missing, something that would balance out two tops perfectly but that they weren’t ever going to settle for less than perfect. I loved that Charlie just didn’t dive headfirst into a relationship with two men even if he loved them, and that when the time came he worried over how it would work between them. And the sex oh boy, it’s steamy enough to make your temperature rise and erotic enough that you won’t miss a word. 


I recommend that you get a copy of this book, lock your house down, curl up in a comfy chair, and read this wonderful story until your heart’s content. 


Crooked Tree Ranch by R.J. Scott

Crooked Tree Ranch - RJ Scott

Montana Series 01


4 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Nate discovers the ranch he part owns isn't doing as well as he thought, so on the advice of his partners he agrees to get a marketing expert in to turn the ranch around, but he isn't prepared for the hot city guy who turns up with his family in tow. Jay snatches the chance of a new beginning for himself and his family when he loses his job and his sister's violent ex turns up, but he never accounted for his sexy new cowboy boss. Settling his family comes first for Jay but he can't ignore his longing for Nate, Nate has ideas of his own, but will Jay be willing to stay at Crooked Tree Ranch and will Nate tell Jay how he really feels?
R.J. Scott has done it again, she has produced another series with fabulous characters, incredible settings and with the added bonus of family drama. Both Nate and Jay are introduced in their own settings, Nate on the ranch with the hidden problems coming to light and Jay in the city office as his world crumbles around him. We then see both of them finding solutions to their problems and their first meeting isn't exactly sunshine and roses. We discover a lot about the characters of both men, in their past and continued actions and they are both men that are honorable and family orientated, but are both tough and determined in their own ways. 
The relationship between Nate and Jay is a slow evolving one but the attraction and sparks between them let you know it will be an incredible one. There's plenty of background stories playing out involving both Nate's two brother's and Jay's sister and niece, as well as cute little sweet Josh (Jay's nephew) settling easily into his new life. Along with the normal tension and worries of moving to a new State and the horrible tension of an abuser refusing to let go, it has the hopes and fears of a new relationship and the hotness of sexy men taking a chance on love. There is also a mystery lurking in the background involving the disappearance of two young boys and the ongoing relations between the three partners of the ranch. 
I loved this story, it had just the right amount of everything to keep me turning the pages and having me scouring the internet for hints about future books, it had me secretly grinning that it had sexy cowboys and I'd snatched the book right out from under Cat's nose *raspberry*. It got my mind flying off wondering what happened to the young teenagers who had disappeared... *R.J. I want to know... NOW*, it had me sighing over family and the changes that security and a fresh start can bring. It's a very fulfilling story that doesn't have a miss, it hits the spot from every aspect and I am really hoping that R.J. coughs up the next in the series pretty quickly. 
I recommend this story if you love cowboys, city guys, sexy men, family drama, a lingering mystery, some hot sex, a great story, brilliant characters and some brilliant writing. Oh and if you can read! LOL, R.J. I am expecting you to write like the wind and have sore fingers in the near future :-)



New York Cowboy by Lisa Worrall

New York Cowboy - Lisa Worrall

3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Vance is fighting an uphill struggle trying to keep his ranch going, the once thriving ranch has suffered major losses due to a neighbor trying to drive him to sell. But Vance and his mother are made of sterner stuff and although it sticks in his craw he accepts his mothers suggestion of opening up the ranch as a cowboy camp to city slickers. Adam and his team are ordered to Wolf Creek Ranch as a team building exercise and when he arrives Adam is ordered to dig into the finances of the ranch by his father, but why would his dad want to know that? While doing as his dad asks Adam falls for the sexy rancher and decides to dig deeper, especially when it looks like his father might have just ruined the best thing that ever happened to him. But will Vance ever forgive him? And can Adam truly stand up to his bully of a father?
Hmmm sexy alpha cowboy, sexy hot city boy and an intriguing storyline what more could you ask for to cuddle up to in the approaching autumn nights? Vance is our super sexy cowboy who has suffered the loss of his father and the slowly dwindling stock on his ranch, he wants to take his shotgun and show his neighbor, Andrew Blackwell, what happens when you mess with a rancher's business but quieter minds prevail and he opens his ranch up to the city boys and corporations to keep it afloat. Falling for a city boy was not in Vance's plans but he can't resist Adam, but what will he do when he discovers just who Adam really is and his reason for being on the ranch? Adam finds himself torn when he falls for the sexy rancher, his father wants information but the more Adam finds out the more he is disgusted by the man, but Adam has more than his own fear of the man to contend with. Adam has to choose a path to follow but it will be a bumpy ride to find happiness. 
This is a really great story that has brilliant characters who get laid bare before us, we don't just get to see the tough exterior or the sexy confidence, we get to see their vulnerable and compassionate sides that makes us fall head over heals for them. Both characters are wonderful to get to know and we see the story from both their perspectives, it draws us in as we see the suffering they have both gone through at the hands of Andrew Blackwell. We see a beautiful relationship developing but one truth nearly shatters it all and we see the desperate scrabble as one of them tries to repair the damage.
There are many cowboy stories floating around but this one has firmly placed itself in my read-again file, it's at times like this that I am thankful for ereaders because the pages can't be worn through (pgs 41-42) as I have a couple of scenes that I will be perving over repeatedly *wicked laugh*. Lisa Worrall gives us a great story with a wonderful relationship, some angst and drama and some hot sex scenes (even the solo one *wipes brow*) and a delightful confrontation and a great connection between Adam and Vance. 
Now boys and girls I have to recommend this is to you love sexy confident cowboys, hot city boys just trying to protect, a great storyline of overcoming the dastardly bully, grabbing hold of happiness and fighting for what you want. 

Touche by A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly

Touche - A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly

3 - 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Orgasmic Texas Dawn 10


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Marco and Sam are still struggling with their feelings for each other, being on opposite sides of the law doesn't help in the least but staying away from each other is something neither man can do. Marco is still struggling with his injury from the ambush and is becoming dependent on pain meds, Sam finds himself under the thumb of an unscrupulous U.S. Marshal who will sacrifice anything to shut down the Howards and both Sam and Marco find themselves in danger when someone from Sam's gang decides they want Sam gone. 
This is a great addition to the Orgasmic Texas Dawn series but we don't get to see Jubilee or Kieran :-(. We are now on our third couple in the series after seeing two other sets of U.S. Marshals find their happy relationships but this is the most difficult relationship yet. Sam is the leader of a biker gang who is unhappy with his lot, Marco is the one that got away and is making a life for himself as a U.S. Marshal, their attraction and feelings for each other make their positions hard and Sam finds himself working for the Marshal's to bring down a cartel. 
We see Sam and Marco admit their feelings for each other but they still can't really be together. Sam has little choice in his actions but tries to make them work for him and Marco has to fight his jealousy, his need for Sam and his constant pain to carry on with his job. Marco finds himself in danger with Sam riding to the rescue and Sam discovers he is tied to a mysterious man who is more involved in the cartels than the US Marshals realize. With investigations and undercover ops their way of life, for the US Marshals hospital visits are to be expected but two of them end up in hospital for unexpected reasons. 
Now while I have loved reading the Orgasmic Texas Dawn series I found this one to be less exciting than the others, there was less separate investigations and it was more focused on the Howard's and the cartel. We do see a little diversion with Sam's gang but that was really about it other than the baby nearer to the end of the story, but, I suppose I have just been spoilt with the interesting array of investigations in the past. The story flows smoothly and Marco and Sam are still mega hot, their sex life is still smoking and their imaginations are descriptive and hot. 
I recommend this to those who love U.S. Marshals, hot bikers, great investigations, excitement and action, danger and rescues and an ending that gives us hope for the future. 

The Choosing by Annabelle Jacobs

The Choosing - Annabelle Jacobs

4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Jerath is impatiently waiting for his fangs to drop, but he is also filled with dread. When his fangs drop it is a sign of his coming of age and he will have to perform the Choosing rite on the full moon if he wants to have his animal form, but the rite calls for sex with a female and Jerath only likes boys. But, Jerath also has a bigger worry when his village is raided and the males are taken, Jerath and his best friend Serim have to seek aid from the southern lands before time runs out for some young villagers and they lose their chance at the rite. Jerath discovers his mate on their journey but Meren, a young warrior, can't leave his own village and is unsure if he wants a permanent partner. 
This is a great coming of age story that has a wonderful fantasy storyline. Jerath is the young man we follow in this story as he comes of age, finds his mate and seeks aid to rescue his village. We see the difficulty he faces as he both longs for and dreads his fangs dropping, he watches his village being raided, he undertakes the journey for aid and then the rescue of his fellow villagers. On top of that we see his relationship with his mate as it goes through the ups and downs that both young men face. 
I did enjoy this story and was only disappointed with one aspect of the story which I will come to later. The world that is described comes to life as we delve deeper into the book, we see a fascinating culture as the villagers work and live together and their customs as the full moon approaches. We see the deep and loving friendship between Jerath and Serim and then the unsure new relationship between Jerath and Meren and the difficult decisions they have to make. There is some excitement and danger as they rescue Jerath's fellow villages, but there is also fear as a misunderstanding comes to light. Meren and Jerath are a wonderful couple and suit each other perfectly once they both decide they know what they want, they are really sweet and cute and as they experiment with each other and further their relationship they are hot. 
The problem that I had with this story is the rite that Jerath had to undergo, he HAS to have sex with a female to become a shifter and seeing as he is very much gay he had to take a special berry that would help him out.... so he was drugged. I really had a hard time making sense of that part of the storyline especially seeing as his mate was male. The Goddess decided that the males can shift if they go through the Choosing ritual with a female but will lose the shift if they don't.... so why would any of the males be gay?.... or their mates male?, it sticks in my craw that these men are forced to have sex with a female to get their animal half and they have no choice.... they lose a part of themselves if they don't. And yes the mf sex is very much in evidence and although it was handled beautifully it still pissed me off.   
I recommend this to those who love a fantasy world with shifters, young adults coming into their own, discovering something you have always longed for, finding love in trying times, danger and rescues and a wonderful happy ending. 

The Scarlet Tide by Stephen Duncan

The Scarlet Tide - Stephen Osborne

3 - 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


A Duncan Andrews Thriller 03


This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Duncan is asked to find a young man when his boyfriend comes to him begging for his help, discovering the details leads Duncan to suspect that the young man has fallen victim to some paranormal villainy and he takes the case. With the help of Robbie, his ghost boyfriend, and Gina, a witch, he discovers a band who are all vampires. But as he sets out to destroy them he finds it hard to dismiss his attraction to the Dominic, the leader of the vampires, and his dark allure. Duncan is forced to confront his feelings for Nick, his friend, and Robbie as he tries to resist the vampires call. 
Okay this is the first story in this series that I have read but there was enough detail so I didn't think I had missed anything from the previous books, you could easily pick up any of the books and be comfortable reading them. It was very easy to pick up that Duncan is devoted to Robbie, even though Robbie is a ghost Duncan still loves him, but Duncan feels an attraction to Nick. The relationships are going on in the background as Duncan investigates the missing young man and then the hunt for the vampires, but it constantly lingers in Duncan's mind. 
This really isn't an easy book to review as although we have a fantastic vampire storyline we also have the complicated relationship between Duncan, Robbie and Nick which is really tangled up with feelings, longings and impossible love. If you have read the previous books then you know how Duncan hasn't been able to let Robbie go or to commit to anything more than friendship with Nick, but we discover that Robbie might just take the decision out of Duncan's hands. 
The vampire aspect is exciting as Duncan pits himself against them and tries to fight them alone before calling his friends for help. Nick also has some surprises in store for us with a choice he makes. The story is really well written and you get drawn into Duncan's life very easily, you follow the storyline at an easy pace and there is no confusion as to what is happening. The relationship aspect is complicated and seems to be a long story arc so we will have to see in the future what is going to happen between Duncan, Nick and Robbie. 
I recommend this to those who love the paranormal, complicated love lives, excitement, investigations, danger, a great storyline and an interesting ending. 

Riptide 'Bump in the Night' Blog Tour and Author Giveaway

Bump in the Night - Heidi Belleau, Ally Blue, Sam Schooler, Brien Michaels, Peter  Hansen, Kari Gregg, Rachel Haimowitz, Laylah Hunter

Hey guys, Pixie here! Yes I know, I know, has Portia finally gone insane? But hey, I finally wrest control from Portia to announce a fantastic blog tour from Riptide publishing !!! Just read below for the details and you can be in for a chance to win a Riptide Publishing gift certificate (imagine the books *drool*) or a Brien Michaels ebook! (whoop!). I’ve also added Thommie’s review for Bump in the Night and let me tell you I had hours of fun teasing Thommie about tentacles!! LOL

So I leave you in the hands of Riptide Publishing and Brien Michaels and their awesome competition, have fun guys. Pixie ;-)



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Riptide 'Bump in the Night' Blog Tour and Author Giveaway